NBN to connect another 165,800 premises

NBN to connect another 165,800 premises

Summary: The Australian government has announced that construction will commence at almost 166,000 new premises before the end of 2012.


Construction has begun to connect almost 166,000 homes and business premises to the high-speed national broadband network, Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has announced.

The federal government has released roll-out maps for 40 areas, covering 165,800 premises in NSW, Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania, and the Northern Territory.

The bulk of the new planned connections wiill be in the eastern states, including NSW, Queensland, and Victoria, barring the ACT.

The government-owned network builder NBN Co is on target to have completed or begun construction on 758,000 premises by the end of 2012, Conroy said in a statement.

"People who live or do business in these areas will be able to connect to the fast, reliable, and affordable broadband provided by the NBN, in around 12 months," he said.

Under Labor's AU$37.4 billion plan, NBN Co will deliver high-speed fibre optic cable broadband services to 93 percent of Australian homes, schools, and businesses by 2021, with the rest to be serviced by fixed wireless and satellite technologies.

The Department of Broadband, Communications, and the Digital Economy revealed in its annual report, which released last week, that the cost for cancelling NBN contracts will cost AU$2.3 billion.

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  • Can we get the tech breakdown; it wasn't in the ministers press release

    30 Sept 2012 had 230k premise passed, 569k commenced and 24k subscribers (all technologies).

    758k EOY 2012 forecast the same as the revised 2012 corp plan.

    Connection & subscriber information is a minimum. They weren't in the Ministers press release (presumably from which this article was written). For such a stellar project, funded entirely by taxpayers with no competition, it's very diffficult to get information.
    Richard Flude
    • This field is required

      "Connection & subscriber information is a minimum."
      That's because they're irrelevant. The early take up figures have been slightly better than they expected, but it doesn't matter one jot, because copper will be switched off in areas served by fibre - which I'm sure you already knew so why are you going down this avenue?

      "funded entirely by taxpayers"
      Incorrect, it's funded by government debt which will be paid back with interest and then some.

      "no competition"
      Yep, thank god. I mean, can you imagine if there were 2 water companies or 2 gas companies trying to lay pipe to your place? It would be a bureaucratic nightmare and much more expensive, thank god that won't be happening with communications either.

      "it's very diffficult to get information"
      I think you'll find it's extremely easy to find information, all you have to do is stop spreading disingenuity on zdnet, and go read some of it. I think what you mean to say is it's very difficult to get the information you want to hear, because it doesn't exist.
      • What is your definition of incorrect?

        Since when are the figures irrelevant? Work commenced figures would be the only of them that is irrelevant.

        Every cent is taxpayers money; money borrowed with their galuarantee. Your position would be govt spendinf financed by debt isnt taxpqyers money. 100% of NBNCo equity is owned by government as a result. This money MAY be paid back with interest, the only certainity is it will be spent.

        Actually it is worst than that. Existing infrastructure (eg copper and HCF networks) is not allowed to compete.

        Lastly please provide a link to the up to date figures; they werent in the Minister press release, not in the article, and not on the NBNCo website that i can find.
        Richard Flude
        • How hard did you look?

          "not on the NBNCo website that i can find"

          NBN Co publishes an extremely detailed rollout status document every month at:

          Good luck getting that much detail from any other teleco or for any other government infrastructure project!
          • Your link doesn't provide the info you claim

            Where are the number of premised passed, active connections and subscribers?

            Other providers arent taxpayer financed.

            Please put a little more effort into the attacks, at the very least read and understand your links.
            Richard Flude
          • He didn't claim the link had those details

            How often exactly would you like to be updated? If I remember correctly NBNCo makes 6 monthly reports in front of parliament. It takes time and effort to collate the sort of details you want. If you had it your way they'd probably spend all their time asking everybody how it's going and no time actually building it, I'm sure that would suit the LNP agenda perfectly.
          • what time

            You think it takes time to collect subscriber and premises connected information? What are they doing at NBNCo?
            Richard Flude
          • Unfortunately

            Richard is a great example of why Australian businesses can't compete against over seas companies.

            He can't even work out that being a guarantor for a loan doesn't incur any debt for yourself unless the borrower defaults. Add to that that most of his arguments are built from dodgy Liberal talking point "facts" (like the NBN costs eleventy billion dollars!!) and your better of ignoring him most of the time.
        • incorrect == not correct == wrong

          "Since when are the figures irrelevant?"
          Since the planning phase when they decided copper will be turned off.

          "Every cent is taxpayers money; money borrowed with their galuarantee. Your position would be govt spendinf financed by debt isnt taxpqyers money."
          Nope, my position would be that funded means paid for, which it's not. Sure perhaps there's a small risk attached, but that's not the same as paying for it. Additionally, the private sector will be providing some of the money down the track, so 'entirely' would be incorrect as well.

          "Existing infrastructure is not allowed to compete."
          This seems to be your go-to criticism, yet the benefit of it has been explained to you plenty of times, why exactly do you think it's a bad thing?
      • Government arrogance

        Now I dont know who karl is but clearly he works for NBN and what may seem obvious to him is not obvious to the rest of us. Since when do subscribers numbers mean nothing. Maybe this is another government accounting policy but in the real world paying customers mean a lot.

        To suggest this is not taxpayer funded is a joke who does karl think is underwriting this $40B investment and his job.

        and yes karl there is no competition that's how we define it in the commercial world not in your fairytale protected make believe world.

        Finally maybe you shouild try and obtain the facts and understand what Richard and the rest of us suffer from everyday getting transparency from government.

        You have lived in the make believe world of the puiblic service for to long perhaps you should come up for some air and see what is actually happening outside of canberra.
        • Um, ok?

          Not really sure how to respond to this considering you haven't actually raised any points...

          I can say that I don't work for NBN Co or in the public sector in any way. If I did, seeing as I love it so much, I'd assuredly spend my time actually working on the NBN instead of trying to work out why Liberal voters hate it so much.

          I can also suggest you read some previous replies, especially ones such as:
          Richard: "Every cent is taxpayers money; money borrowed with their galuarantee. Your position would be govt spendinf financed by debt isnt taxpqyers money."
          Me: "Nope, my position would be that funded means paid for, which it's not. Sure perhaps there's a small risk attached, but that's not the same as paying for it."

          "Finally maybe you shouild try and obtain the facts and understand what Richard and the rest of us suffer from everyday getting transparency from government."
          Now this I'm really interested in. Why exactly do you think this? You do realise there are 6 monthly NBN Co reports before parliament, and you can read the NBN Co corporate plan freely on their webside, and Conroy is constantly updating us on rollout progress, and NBN Co updates their rollout progress monthly, right? Have you read these things? This level of openness is completely unprecedented in both government projects and in the private sector, so I am honestly interested in what more you and Richard think we need to know.
        • wow

          Taxpayer funded ...LOL

          No competition...LOL

          Don't know who owl1000 is but he clearly is feeling the pinch from having a government run NBN who will supply instead of a private company who just want to scrape the cream.
    • "For such a stellar project"

      yep, it certainly is much better than what the coalition clowns came up with too... and we're still waiting for the fine details of their "plan"... +1000 NBNco.

      "funded entirely by taxpayers"


      "it's very difficult to get information."

      Hubert Cumberdale
  • Fishing...?

    And how many crossed the Harbour bridge prior to it's completion Richard?

    My goodness what is your problem?

    "...funded entirely by taxpayers with no competition"... Fishing for a response with such an intentionally uneducated (yes uneducated) line there Richard... LOL
  • All good, however

    I wonder why the government announces these plans and not NBN Co. We are after all reminded often that it is NBN Co rolling out this network and not the government. Very good point made by Karl on duplicating infrastructure, we don't want to see a repeat of the hybrid cable roll out. Oh and Hubes good to read your reasoned responses to Mr Flude, very enlightening and informative.
    Blank Look
    • NBN Co have no relationship with the general public

      It is the department of communication's responsibility to speak for NBN Co, as it's them who need to inform the public on how the government is using it's resources and meeting the needs of the people. NBN Co have no interaction with the public, all they do is follow the government mandate and build a network that wholesales to RSPs.
    • "very enlightening and informative"

      Well you certainly wont get that from richard or any of the other rabid anti-NBN zealots. I'm always happy to help the nut-huggers.
      Hubert Cumberdale
    • Yes they were informative imo...

      In fact they were succinct replies...

      But the truth is hard to accept for some :/
    • Can you tell me

      of any other government contractors that issue their own press releases about progress in what they are contracted to do? I think you'll find the answer will be very close to zero...