Qantas on alert over email scam

Qantas on alert over email scam

Summary: An email scam that purports to be an official email from Qantas for seat selection fees is circulating around the internet, the airline has warned.


Qantas has issued a warning about an email scam involving fake seat selection fees for flights with the airline.

As reported by Australia Business Traveller, the fake emails masquerade as Qantas Seat Selection Fee receipts and, according to the airline, can easily be identified as fake.

The emails claim that Qantas is charging additional fees for selecting a seat on an upcoming flight and includes an attachment that is suspected to be malware.

"Unlike an authentic 'Seat Selection Fee Receipt' email, these [emails] do not make any reference to the customer name, booking reference, or itinerary details, and also include inaccurate amounts paid for seat selection," Qantas said in a statement to ZDNet. "Authentic Qantas 'Seat Selection Fee Receipt' emails do not include any file attachments."

The airline has advised customers who receive the fake emails to delete the email immediately.

Last week, Qantas subsidiary Jetstar also warned customers about emails that contain fake itineraries.

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    Is it any wonder the airline is being scammed?
    QANTAS' recent history of staff and passenger disregard puts it right up there with Telstra. AA