Revenge hacks, vampires and patents

Revenge hacks, vampires and patents

Summary: On this week's Technolatte podcast, the Australian team talks about revenge hacks, New Zealand software patent changes and NBN speed comparisons.

TOPICS: NBN, Patents, Security

What motivates people to go on revenge hacks? Do they go too far? Why is New Zealand looking at making it harder to patent software? And why is it difficult to run speed test comparisons for Labor's National Broadband Network (NBN) and the Coalition's alternative policy?

All of those questions and more are answered on this week's Technolatte podcast, as the Australian team discusses:

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Running time: 28 minutes, 47 seconds

Opening theme: "Ecstasy X" by Jason Shaw, CC3.0

Closing theme: "Skyroads" by Pierlo, CC3.0

Topics: NBN, Patents, Security

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  • Great podcast, music just a bit loud

    With the intro and exit music, I just think it was a tad bit loud and I couldn't really here Josh Taylor