Spirit rolls out fibre to the basement in Melbourne

Spirit rolls out fibre to the basement in Melbourne

Summary: Spirit Telecom has installed fibre to the basement in the Triptych apartments in Southbank in Melbourne with the ability to get speeds of up to 200Mbps down.

TOPICS: NBN, Fiber, Telcos, Australia

Spirit Telecom has rolled out fibre to the basement in the Triptych apartments in Southbank in Melbourne, but the company insists it won't compete with NBN Co.

The recently completed Triptych building in Southbank is equipped with CAT6 ethernet cable connecting up to all 150 apartments.

Spirit Telecom has connected fibre to the basement of the apartment block with switches deployed throughout the building.

Spirit's speed tiers mimic those offered by the government-owned NBN Co, starting at 12Mbps down, 1Mbps up, up to 100Mbps down, 40Mbps up. The company also goes one higher with a 200Mbps down, 80Mbps up connection. ADSL connections still run into the building on copper, and Spirit is not a wholesale operator. Neate said that Spirit also wouldn't seek to disrupt any NBN delivery into the apartment block.

The plans range from AU$56 per month, up to AU$169 per month, all with unlimited data usage.

In a statement, Neate said that installing fibre to the basement made sense for the building.

"Copper networks were fundamentally intended for phone services, they were never designed to handle the amount of bandwidth we require now or in the future," he said.

"Using fibre to the basement and a private internal network, we have bypassed the buildings' copper and created a network of switches that allow the delivery of much faster speeds throughout the building. When a building commits to such a network, they want to be comfortable in the fact that the residents internet requirements are future proof".

It comes as NBN Co is trialling fibre to the building services, ahead of a larger roll out commencing later this year. NBN Co will also face stiff competition from TPG, which is rolling out fibre to the basement for 500,000 apartments across five capital cities.

Topics: NBN, Fiber, Telcos, Australia


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  • Cables

    It is good to know all about basic networking and providing solutions of issues, Basically cables played a best roll in all fields.

  • Been done for a while ...

    Not really new. As long as 12 years ago SkynetGlobal, listed on the ASX, along with many others were offering broadband but were limited by technology. OPENetworks did it before the elections. With the new technologies in the mix we would have had an explosion of innovative solutions into buildings but all we have now is Ziggy/ Morrow raging that they will use tax $ to crush competition. Not the bright new entrepreneurial world Abbott promised.
    • The lover of snouts in the taxpayer trough

      Rossy, we can see through your need to have the cherry pickers cream the high value cheap and easy to do sectors and leave the rest of the country with nothing or have them provided at a massive ongoing taxpayer subsidy, I expect your companies to grab the opportunities and profits with both hands, happy to screw over Australia's future for a quick buck.

      That country and it's infrastructure you and your fellow vultures make their business and dollars on was built by the Taxpayer and GBE's, NOT the private sector, they made their contribution on the back of the taxpayer and Governments.

      For a Country that was equivalent to Australia at the beginning of the 20th Centurt, we took our path, they took yours. Time to compare Argentina
      Abel Adamski
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    Given what is described about the engineering why copy the Asymetric products offered by ADSL and GPON?
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    A Loss in one way and a positive in another.

    The paywall on Delimiter2 has been removed and both sites will remain as an archival reference.

    Who could be capable to fill the void with a fact and evidence based site?
    Abel Adamski