Switkowski appoints yet another ex-Telstra exec to NBN Co

Switkowski appoints yet another ex-Telstra exec to NBN Co

Summary: Another day in the new NBN Co, and another former Telstra executive joins the company's ranks to replace chief operating officer Ralph Steffens.


NBN Co chair Dr Ziggy Switkowski has continued his run of appointing former Telstra executives to the new-look NBN Co team, announcing today that Telstra's executive director for business, commercial, and premium services Greg Adcock will be replacing NBN Co's chief operating officer Ralph Steffens.

Adcock, whose most recent role in Telstra was overseeing Telstra's role in readying pit and duct infrastructure for NBN Co as part of the National Broadband Network deal, has over 20 years at Telstra.

But despite being part of the original negotiating team in Telstra for the AU$11 billion deal, Adcock will not be part of the renegotiation team in NBN Co.

Switkowski said in a statement that Telstra had been cooperative in letting the executive come work for NBN Co.

"I warmly welcome Greg to our company. He will lead NBN Co's network design and deployment activities with a focus on industry partnerships, contract management, operational processes, and systems," Switkowski said in a statement.

"I appreciate the constructive approach taken by Telstra in releasing of its executive to commence his new role immediately."

NBN Co said that as the company now transitions "to an open network architecture including fibre to the node", Steffens would depart the company after two years as chief operating officer.

"On behalf of the company, I thank Mr Steffens for his leadership during the critical formative years of this project and wish him well for the future," Switkowski said.

Adcock joins the ranks of a number of ex-Telstra staff to shift to NBN Co since the change of government, and the commencement of the review into NBN Co including Switkowski, JB Rousselot, and Justin Milne.

In response to Turnbull poaching a number of ex-Telstra staff members for the new-look NBN Co, Telstra CEO David Thodey said last month that it is reflective of the nature of the Australian telecommunications industry for a lot of the industry executives to have had time with the telecommunications giant in their past.

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  • Oh Come on !!

    What do executives in Telstra know about NBN?...for god sake they said the iPhone would never take off.
    • He did a pretty good job...

      holding up the NBN by not remediating the pits. I guess this is his payback.
      • He did a pretty good job...

        Look on the bright side, Greg Adcock will know where all the problems are. He will get all those nodes laid out "quicker, faster . . . . . "
  • More Telstra chums for GimpCo, yay! It's unfortunate that Turnbull and the rest of the coalition clowns don't even realise how farcical this is becoming... well so long as everyone gets the magical 25mbps in the next 1149 days who cares, right?
    Hubert Cumberdale
  • A Name change

    An NBN Co name change will be on the cards soon. Might be a simpler way to do business and save all that time getting those TOP EXs from Tesltra having to pack up their desks and move across the street.
  • Conflict of Interest

    Telstra executives may have the experience require, but this seems like a big conflict of interest. To get a decent NBN structure the lines business should be separated from the service providers. New Zealand got this right and they have asynchronise at 10Mbps on fibre to the home. Telstra seems intent on keeping copper and extracting as much income from that hardware for as long as possible. Therein lies the conflict of interest: with the Telstra executives on the board of then NBN, how can they be objectively rolling out fibre for while advocating copper at Telstra? This is a sham and Australia will be held back from receiving reliable high speed internet.
    • Couldn't have said it better @nikcree

      When I worked for a Local council a few years ago, we had to do a course every 12 months that dealt with corruption, bribes and conflicts of interest.

      We were repeatedly told that even taking a bottle of drink from a thankful resident (Not that there were any of those where I worked) could be considered a conflict of interest, so I must ask, how can they possibly claim there is no conflict of interest when half the board of NBN Co, including the CEO, are former employees of the main company they will be negotiating with?
  • The COO NBN should have been asked earlier

    Why ralph stayed in the job for over 2 years amazes me the COO should have gone when quigley left chief ops us responsible for the failings as well NBN new that if there ways a change in govt that heads would roll they were trying to get ralph prep for quigleys job just in case. Thankfully they all got the sack. The guy was arrogant and painful to work with
    Chee chee