Tech firm pulls plug on Kickstarter project thanks to Apple

Tech firm pulls plug on Kickstarter project thanks to Apple

Summary: Apple dooms stylish portable-charger project to oblivion.

TOPICS: Apple, Start-Ups

The company behind the Pop Kickstarter project has decided to kill it off despite a successful fundraising drive — all because of Apple.

Edison Junior had already raised enough money on Kickstarter in September for the portable power station, but has now decided to refund the money back to all those who contributed funding to the project.

Pop was meant to be a product that not only charges multiple mobile devices, including Apple and Android devices, but looks good as well.

Speaking to VentureBeat, Edison Junior's CEO blamed the failure of the project on Apple. The tech giant had refused to approve Edison Junior's proposal to combine Apple's new Lightning connector with the old 30-pin connector on Pop. This left the team with no choice but to cancel the Pop project.

Apple now limits the manufacturing of Lightning connector accessories to Apple-approved factories.

Edison Junior will begin issuing refunds to Kickstarter-backers by early next year.

Topics: Apple, Start-Ups

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  • Wait

    Wait, let me show you my shocked face that Apple is so Greedy they want to screw a smaller company over! = O
    • I smell a scam

      The more I read about this, the more it looks like the cancellation is a complete ruse.

      He claims the whole concept would be ruined by having to use an adapter or additional cable to support Apple's Lightning port products, yet information on the Kickstarter page clearly shows two additional USB ports on the bottom, and a storage area underneath a removable top to store your additional cables and adapters. It makes no sense to provide the means to use and store additional cables and adapters... and then say the need to use additional cables and adapters ruins the entire concept.

      But then you read that he's handling refunds through his own, newly established, crowd-source funding service and you really have to wonder if he canceled just to use the publicity and free press to advertise his own service. Blaming the failure on Apple was guaranteed to make waves, and his whole reasoning is betrayed by features specifically included in the product.
  • Apple's greed will be paid back

    Apple's day will come. Microsoft saved them with a huge cash infusion, but now that Apple is on top all they can think of is how much they can screw everyone else. Steve Jobs has met his maker and Apple will also be held accountable. Their actions go beyond corporate greed, they are evil.
    • MS probably has more skeletons..

      I think you will probably find that MS is significantly more skeletons in the closet than Apple.. I mean the whole reason MS even exists in its present form is because it screwed over IBM in the very beginning.. The MS "greed" with its ridiculous licencing prices are more than evident..

      Thank heavens for Linux and open source, without it the internet would be nothing like what it is today because no one would have been able to afford the software to start the projects that have grown to become so popular..

      At the end of the day its a highly competitive industry and its survival of the fittest.. MS isn't the fittest right now.. They may recover or they may not.. Only time will tell..
    • Not exactly...

      MS "saved" apple with a $100M stock buy when they needed it. The reason was because Apple caught MS red-handed literally copying Quicktime source code (comments and all) to make part of Windows Media

      Steve gave Bill an offer he couldn't refuse.
      • No

        They never had ANY need for the 150M (no 100M).
      • This story wont die!

        M$ invested $150 Million, (which is lunch money to companies that size,) as a good will gesture. M$ got protection from the Anti-trust investigations it was going through at the time and A$$le got a guarantee that M$ would continue publishing M$ Office for Mac for 5 more years. (Mac software was in a bad way when Jobs stepped back into A$$le and they needed that assurance to make other software developers confident enough to continue, restart, or simply begin to write apps for the Mac.) Since M$ always made money on Office for Mac, it wasn't a sacrifice for them anyway. Both companies got something they needed, and all it cost was lunch money.
        • Yours is the correct account of this...


          I was there... this is exactly what happened. It really looked like M$ was in trouble for antitrust and they did this to help guarantee Apple's survival... though as I recall, Apple really wanted Office to stay on the Mac more than they needed the money (though the money did help out around the time, I believe).
    • MicroSoft did NOT save Apple. Ever. Period.

  • PS: How do they maintain their "cool" status?

    Apple is not generous, they are stingy. They are not out for the common people, they screw the common people - I have a hard time understanding how the liberal elite of our society give them a pass. Oh yeah, they like the stuff Apple makes. I guess conscience only goes so far.
    • Nothing to do with conscience..

      Apple make good products that people aspire to..

      Its like asking why Ferarri, Lamborghini or Bentley are "cool".. They are not "generous" or "out for the common people" and they are expensive but they are definitely seen as "cool" by most..
  • This has nothing to do with Apple being "greedy"

    There is policy of licensing, and it tells that before anything could be announced or "kickstarted", the inventors had to go to Apple licensing department to secure licence.


    NOW they got really surprised that Apple is not that willing to grant them a licence.
    • Do some reading

      The 'inventors' claim that the goal posts have moved. They claim that apple announced these new rules after the project started. Whether that is true or not, I'm sure we'll find out soon.

      But then when have YOU ever put research ahead of defending your glorious leaders. Are you expecting anything from apple for christmas or are you already on their employee loyalty scheme?
      Little Old Man
      • Apple's policy was known for YEARS, long before they started their project

        So do some reading, really.
        • Years you say

          yet the lightning connector was released this year and I've seen products combining the 30pin and other proprietary connectors in the past.

          Defend the your masters, defend, defend......
          Little Old Man
          • Coem on dude...

            "Apple now limits the manufacturing of Lightning connector accessories to Apple-approved factories."

            They did the same exact thing when they started using the 30 pin connector. It's not a defense really but a statement as to what they do and have done for years. While it's a pain in the rear and usually more expensive to buy the Apple Approved accessories I can somehwat understand their stance considering what Microsoft did to them with the original Mac OS and with Quick Time.
          • That's not been the policy for years

            30pins have been allowed to be used with other connectors. Fine, stipulate only approved factories, makes perfect sense to maintain quality. This is about lightning combined with usb, it's lightning and 30 pin.
            Little Old Man
          • Dude, chill out!

            Step away from the keyboard and count to ten. The world will see much less sinister!
      • Apple's stance

        on companies using their tech has been firmly established for years... ever since Steve Job' return to Apple... as is the insistance that they retain control of as much of the Apple experience as they possibly can - in some ways that is a good thing in other ways it is extremely frustrating.

        However - the Pop also came with some USB ports and the other end of that lightning cable is - wait for it - USB! Personally because of that I find this issue to be overblown at best and some sort of scam at worst on the part of Edison Junior as there are pleny of people who own iOS devices that use the old 30 pin connector and a lot of peoplewo use devices that use the micro USB... why not make the device without the lightning connector and have the iPhone 5 owners and other devices that use the lightning connector use their USB cable with the Pop?
      • You flaming hypocrite!!!!!

        But then when have YOU ever put research ahead of defending your glorious leaders. Are you expecting anything from apple for christmas or are you already on their employee loyalty scheme?