Telcos issue tender for trans-Tasman cable construction

Telcos issue tender for trans-Tasman cable construction

Summary: Telecom New Zealand, Vodafone New Zealand, and Telstra have put out a tender for the construction of a new subsea cable connecting Sydney and Auckland.

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Telecom New Zealand, Vodafone New Zealand, and Telstra have moved ahead with plans to construct a new subsea cable connecting Australia and New Zealand, issuing a tender out to construction companies.

(Image: Telecom NZ)

The telcos announced in February that they had signed a memorandum of understanding to construct the cable, which is expected to cost less than AU$60 million to build, and will be in place by mid to late 2014.

The 2,300km Tasman Global Access (TGA) undersea cable will include three fibre pairs with a design capacity of 30 terabits per second, which is approximately 300 times the current internet data demand out of New Zealand.

Telecom New Zealand confirmed earlier this week that several international submarine cable contractors were invited to tender, with all indicating a strong interest in participating. The company said that a decision will be made in the next few months, with construction commencing in 2014.

The companies are currently assessing two landing sites on the North Island's west coast for the New Zealand landing point, while several sites in northern and southern Sydney are being considered for the Australian landing point.

Topics: Telcos, New Zealand


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  • And thus the current monopoly is maintained...

    There was a perfectly feasible alternative Pacific Fibre proposal that would have instead gone direct from NZ to the US, providing a more robust path to where the majority of internet content consumed in NZ originates. The Southern Cross Cable is currently constrained and seen as a major bottleneck to decent bandwidth here in NZ. Putting in a new Trans Tasman link with control resting with the incumbent players just puts us onto the same congested paths as Australians, who are already complaining about speeds and feeds.
    • Re: There was a perfectly feasible alternative Pacific Fibre proposal

      Which fell apart, it seems, through simple lack of imagination.

      They got Chinese funding to lay it. But the US Government refused to allow any cable to come ashore there with Chinese money behind it.

      And so they gave up. But why couldn't they come ashore somewhere else? Like Hong Kong or China--plenty of other cables already connect there.