The Twitter dogcast

The Twitter dogcast

Summary: On this week's Technolatte podcast, the Australian team looks at Malcolm Turnbull's NBN policy, the Australian government's view on geoblocking, and Twitter's latest security risk.


Does Shadow Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull's claim that his broadband policy would cost AU$15 billion without the contracts make any sense? What will the Australian government do to crack down on overseas online retailers from discriminating against Australian customers? And how does Twitter's email notifications leave you open to a security risk?

On this week's Technolatte podcast we discuss:

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Running time: 32 minutes, 09 seconds

Opening theme: "Ecstasy X" by Jason Shaw, CC3.0.

Closing theme: "Skyroads" by Pierlo, CC3.0.

Topics: NBN, Government, Government AU, Australia, Social Enterprise

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