Turnbull launches broadband tracker website

Turnbull launches broadband tracker website

Summary: Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has launched a new website built on data collected from the telcos purporting to display broadband availability across Australia.


Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has said he has achieved a first for the Australian government in delivering MyBroadband, a new website that aims to provide information on the download speeds available across Australia.

The website was launched today, accompanying the full report into Australian broadband quality and accessibility from the Department of Communications late last year.

MyBroadband is similar to NBN Co's rollout tracker, and allows users to put in their address and see what broadband is available in their area, be it ADSL, hybrid fibre-coaxial (HFC), or fibre, as well as 3G or 4G connectivity. It also provides an estimation of the available download speeds on those services.

"It will enable Australians to see how their neighbourhood rates in terms of internet connectivity," Turnbull told journalists in Sydney today.

"All the leading telecommunications companies, and a lot of the smaller ones, too, to get as much information as we can to determine in these small areas what the availability of broadband and what the quality is," he said.

"You may find the service in your own address is not consistent with this, but this is the closest you can do without testing every single premise in the country."

ZDNet revealed yesterday that Telstra, Optus, iiNet, and a number of other telcos all took part in the report. Turnbull said today that in addition to information such as the length of the line from the exchange, and the availability of ports in exchanges, the government was also able to get a hold of key information about Telstra's copper network ahead of renegotiations with NBN Co over access to the copper for a fibre-to-the-node network.

"We've done a lot of work with the telcos, and we're satisfied with these estimates. They don't just measure the distance from the exchange, but the speeds. This is consistent with the telcos' own experience.

"We've had a lot of assistance from Telstra."

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  • MyBroadband - LYSTERFIELD VIC

    Reported; Median speed: 12.67 Mbps, Broadband Availability:D
    Actual; 5 Mbps, Broadband Availability: F (Telstra wholesale on sub-exchange only)

    Perhaps spending tax payer money laying fibre and building the backbone of our future digital economy instead of pointless web sites and reports might be a great place to start.
    • The minister For Propaganda.

      Good to see that the "inventor of our internet" has come up with yet another feeble attempt at educating all those he recently dismissively termed as "absolutely ignorant about how the Internet works" with another useless dishonest website. It should go down well with the Limited News & Alan Jones audiences.

      Now just why would an investment banker with a past history of investing in communications here & in FTTH overseas have this overwhelming desire to limit fibre & hobble us with an inferior patchwork of technologies?

      Fibre delivery of 4k TV & UHD movies on demand is in the works overseas as well a general switch to Services in the Cloud while all traditional media is in a steady decline towards oblivion, yet He's determined to convince us that diverting 41Billion from the cost of a future proof National all fibre network only to prop up the now sadly neglected privately owned copper networks they originally sold off is in our best interests?

      But then perhaps a fragmented, limited capacity dog's breakfast of incompatible technologies will be far less attractive to overseas competitors to our overpriced incumbent monopolies?
      Now remind me, where did Tony & Mal first launch their much loved FTTN Policy? Wasn't it Foxtel Studios?
  • Biggest load of...


    Median speed: 8.1Mbps, actual 2.5Mbps (when it's not raining).
    This is up there with the "up to 24Mbps ADSL2" claim. It sounds great on paper but in reality it's whatever the eff this completely useless, fault ridden excuse for a network can deliver.

    As Michael said, spend the money on building the network, not red herrings!
    The Guv
  • What a joke

    There is no ports avaliable at my local exchange and there hasn't been for at least the two years I've lived in the area but the site says: A - "This is the highest ADSL availability rating. This area surrounding your address has very good access to ADSL services delivered over copper network"

    This website is a rubbish political tool "very good" "delivered over copper network" carefully crafted words. Nice try Turnbull.
  • Turnbull are different to mine

    Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) quality > A
    The estimated median ADSL speed for your area is (Mbps): > 21.25

    Reality is, Telstra 4G only as to far from exchange for ADSL.
    Half the people connect to the exchange cannot get ADSL.

    Telstra what's to dump the copper and let someone else clean up the mess.
  • Good idea

    But to get it right they should partner with someone like SpeedTest.net dslreports.com and/or www.ozspeedtest.com to show the _actual_ speeds people are getting.
  • Anoher marketing exercise by..

    the biggest bulls*itter in parliament.

    Who does Turn*ull think he's kidding ?

    ALL the telcos will stretch the truth hoping for more to try to connect to their networks. A forlorn hope for most. It will not get any better as long as we have a bird brain pin head running the Federal Communications Department.

    I know many who can't get ADSL because Telstra or the ISP's, the miserable sods, won't install more DSLAMS or Telstra wont let them have space in the exchange buildings & worse,... Telstra will not upgrade the inter-exchange trunks to provide sufficient bandwidth, which means everyone on an exchange with overloaded trunk fibre, suffer lousy ADSL speeds.
    I know because I've argued with the Telstra engineering department on behalf of my many Internet users I support & been told there is no hope of an upgrade. It's not in their plans & never will be!

    They, the Honourable Senator (& the Dept of Communications, the yes men!), must think everyone are simpletons. The public are learning fast & might find himself out of a job if he doesn't smarten his ideas up.

    Oh! what a tangled web they weave when first they practice to deceive!
  • Speed is NOT the point!

    To spend billions of tax payer money on an obsolete infrastructure is the incompetence this web site is trying to hide. Magicians use misdirection to fool you, maybe Mr. Turnbull should have been a magician.
  • Accurate but......

    My estimated median speed is 7.95.

    Actual speed (Speedtest.net) is 6.69 so not that far off the mark.

    Problem is my upload speed : 0.28

    This stops me working remotely, using offline backups or monitoring security cameras remotely. Or anything that requires remote access. Or VoIP. List goes on.

    Apart from 6.69 being WAY off 25Mbps (which I still don't think I'll get even with FttN NBN), the main problem for me is the blatant ignorance when it comes to upload speed.

    Fibre upload speeds 40Mbps on 100Mbps plan, up to 400Mbps on a 1Gbps plan.

    FttN promises 5Mbps, which again, I think will fall way short of the mark.

    When is Mr Turnbull going to wake up, swallow his pride and just build the damn thing properly! Spending $41b on something that's barely an improvement IS the complete waste of money he's been singing his song about when Labor was in power.

    Why not spend the extra (even up to double IF we are to believe his estimates which his track record says we can't trust anyway), to get 40x more download and 80x more upload speed? AND MORE!!! 1Gbps is just a limit due to the hardware at each end. The record for fibre over 54Km length is 1.04 PETA bps.

    1 PB = 1073741824 MB

    Malcolm is INSANE to keep wasting money on these stupid reports trying to prove he knows what's best for us, and even more insane to think throwing away $41b is worth it.

    Mr Turnbull, WAKE UP!
  • Turnbulls download estimates are inflated and grossly inaccurate!!!

    My actual down speed is 50% less than the stated figure. Considering I am only 1.2km from the exchange on the edge of the CBD this reflects the quality of the copper lines.
    Also from a statistical perspective with a potential speed from the exchange of 24Mbps it is ludicrous to believe 50% of users in my area are getting speeds above 20Mbps ie a speed reduction of less than 4% -
    Turnbull in opposition complained about the inaccurate data the then Government provided - relatively speaking his Mybroadband data makes the previous Governments data look 100% accurate.
  • I agree i get nowhere near the median

    The only thing I agree on is the E for availability of other services. I apparently get a C for performance on my street, but again living within 1 km of an exchange as the crow flies on copper that would have been installed maybe 25 years ago, you would expect good results. But apparently My street has a median of 11 MBPs and if I'm lucky I get 6, which is fine for downloading, but my uploads are awful and I can't use many sites i want to use efficiently.

    I just fail to see how wasting money on an inferior design that will definitely need significant upgrading is good use of Govt money. If the definition of good is spending as little as possible on a product not as good, I hope the government applies this to everything and see how that works for them.
    Justin Watson
  • Tell 'em they're dreaming ...

    I'm in West Brunswick, serviced by Moreland exchange.
    Website's estimated ADSL speed 12.12 Mb/s. Fat chance on ancient copper. Try 2.1 Mb/s.
  • I Must Admit I Feel Sorry for Mal

    Here is a man who is obviously highly intelligent and would love to provide us with world class broadband, but each time I see him trying to sell this unsellable piece of crap foisted on him by Abbott he obviously knows he's been sold a pup and that Abbott has made sure he will end up in a political backwater, never again to be seen as a credible Liberal leader.

    From the minute he announced the policy he has had that look on his face that only jilted lovers normally show.

    It's as if the NBN of his dreams is on the other side of the room, but has decided to elope with that cad Tony, and Mal knows that once Tone's had his way with her she'll be a twisted and broken woman and feel as he feels now. the only place for her will be on the scrapheap.

    I can feel his pain.

    But, no, fuck him, it's his own fault. He's let Australia and himself down by allowing himself to be conned by a simpleton. I really don't give a shit about the toffee nosed git. He's useless. And so is his new website. A crock of shit.
    • Hear, hear!

      My thoughts exactly.

      I tell you what, if Labor get back in, NBNCo will want to have the shredders ready!
      The Guv
  • Fraudbands crock of shit website!

    My service has been described by Mr Fraudband's website as an "A" class area with an average speed of 8Mbs average speed, and no access to fibre even though Telstra's optical fibre cable that runs to the council depot (apparently local government services require fast broadband, must be a lot of gaming and Game Of Thrones downloading, as these are the only things that require fibre according to Mr Fraudband) is only 15 meters from my house!
    Your out of your mind Fraudband and average speed of service of 8Mbs per second is not an "A" class service it's a service the Estonians would ridicule, it's strictly third world.
    Fraudband's website might be believed by Jonesies blue rinse audience, but a person with an education is just going to laugh.
    Kevin Cobley
    • Meg's the Word

      Mal's problem is that he thinks bits and bytes are the same thing. He likes to say "megs" because megs are good.
      But don't forget he virtually invented the internet according to OGFL.
      A bit like having virtual sex, you're not really having sex.
      Poor fella, my country.
  • More of Turnbull's Allbull Fertiliser

    If an ISP put up a site with those numbers they'd soon be in court facing charges of False/Misleading Advertising.

    My area is listed as available average: 7.31Mbps
    Best actual download achievable in my street: 0.68Mbps

    This guy is challenging Abbott for a gold medal in deceptive conduct.
    If Tassie thinks Turnbull's belated nod to doing fibre on power poles trials is anything other than a local pre-election stunt...tell/em they're dreamin'!