When Apple gets a visit from Fox Mulder

When Apple gets a visit from Fox Mulder

Summary: On this week's Technolatte podcast, we look at the High Court's rejection of the Optus TV Now appeal, Apple's alleged UDID leak from the FBI, and bank outages on the rise.

TOPICS: Telcos, Apple

Why did Optus fail to get the Australian High Court interested in its TV Now copyright infringement appeal? What's going on with the one million (and one) leaked Apple unique device identifier (UDID) codes? And why are bank outages on the rise? This week's Technolatte podcast will help answer some of these questions, and more.

On this week's podcast, we discuss:

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Running time: 20 minutes, 48 seconds

Topics: Telcos, Apple

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  • The Optus case could become irrelevant

    Throughout history technology has always got around any issues that is thrown in front of it. Some manufactures (can't remember which ones) has indicted they plan to release a PVR that is connectable to the internet to do what Optus is trying to do. Your box sits at home and you connect to it throw an app on your phone and tell it to record a program. Then when you want to receive a program you can stream it from the box to your phone hence this case will eventual be bypassed.