Will your business maximise the potential of the NBN?

Will your business maximise the potential of the NBN?

Summary: Take part in our survey on how the NBN will change your business, and go in the draw to win an iPad.


ZDNet is preparing a research report on the "state of the nation" on the rollout of the Australian government's National Broadband Network (NBN), and we're inviting you to take part in it.

We are looking to find out how companies plan to adapt to the disruptions to "business as usual," what technology projects companies are undertaking to prepare, and whether they will win or lose from the NBN rollout.

Updated at 11:24, November 6, 2012: This survey has now closed. Thanks to those who participated.

Topic: NBN

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  • Problem with the survey

    The survey opened by asking my name, business and email. After submitting those details, it jumped straight to the end.
    • Response to problem with survey

      Hi, I'm Angus Macaskill, Industry Analyst at ZDNet, and responsible for the survey. I just re-tested the link and it definitely works. Please try again if you'de like to. If you still have a glitch please email me direct at angus.macaskill@cbsinteractive.com, and I'll follow up directly