Woolworths Mobile customers to switch to Optus

Woolworths Mobile customers to switch to Optus

Summary: Customers using Woolworths-branded SIMs will need to begin recharging their prepaid accounts with Optus from March 23, and pay AU$1 extra.

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Woolworths Mobile customers will keep their existing recharge services for an additional AU$1 per month, as Optus takes over management of the service from Woolworths.

The website Optus has set up for transferring Woolworths Mobile customers.
(Image: Screenshot by Josh Taylor/ZDNet)

In late September 2013, Optus announced that it would cut ties with Woolworths Mobile from October 1, but existing Woolworths Mobile customers could keep recharging their service through Woolworths outlets, paying either AU$29 or AU$49 for 45 days of service, or 5GB worth of data.

Although Woolworths at the time indicated that it would keep the recharge service on for at least a year, Optus yesterday began informing customers via SMS that from March 23, they will need to purchase Optus-branded recharges through Woolworths, Big W, or Optus outlets instead of the normal Woolworths-branded recharges.

A spokesperson for Optus told ZDNet that Woolworths keeping the recharge option open is a "temporary measure", while Optus got its systems in place to take on the Woolworths customers.

The spokesperson confirmed that Woolworths Mobile customers will still have access to the same prepaid offering as they had while with Woolworths, but will need to pay AU$1 extra for each plan, at AU$30 and AU$50.

Customers will no longer get the Everyday Rewards points for recharging unless they buy their recharge from Woolworths or Big W, but Optus has opened up its own rewards offering to the customers, with AU$10 movie vouchers and Qantas Frequent Flyer points on offer.

The discount customers also received when buying a Woolworths recharge voucher with their Everyday Rewards card will also no longer apply once the switchover is made.

Optus this month announced that in the last three months of 2013, it lost 64,000 customers on the back of users churning from an Optus wholesale provider, believed to be Dodo.

Topics: Telcos, Optus


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  • Pre bought Woolies recharges

    In late September 2013, Optus announced that it would cut ties with Woolworths Mobile from October 1, but existing Woolworths Mobile customers could keep recharging their service through Woolworths outlets, paying either AU$29 or AU$49 for 45 days of service, or 5GB worth of data. ----- Think that should read PLUS 5GB. Not OR.

    I did read in FAQs than Woolworths recharges bought before March 23 could still be used before their expiry date. Would be interesting to know what expiry date will be on the next recharge I get, as my 45 days expires March 12. Maybe worth getting 2 or 3 ? But wouldn't be surprised if Expiry date is shorter than it has been. Also, does there become a time when we don't get the Woolies offer of $500 worth of calls and SMS, plus 5GB of data for 45 days ? [For $29 becoming $30 after March 23] I'm sure Optus will not keep that deal going, as they don't have a comparable offer under their own name now.
    • nothing like 2012 Christmas Woolworths Mobile promo!

      They were offering $15 off on petrol if you bought a $2 SIM and recharge and at least $15 of petrol!
      Woolworths Everyday Rewards cards got you 10% discount on the recharge so it was $26.10 + $2 - $15.
      So we did a lot of $15 petrol fills and collected a bunch of unused SIM cards :)
      The recharges had about 12 months expiry so you needed 8 at net cost of $13.20 to cover for a year since the recharge credits last 45 days after activation.
      That's $105.60 for a years worth of 40gb of mobile data including call credits that I hardly used 50% of.
      I didn't have any trouble selling off unused SIMs or recharge vouchers either.
      Best offer ever!
      • dammit my maths

        Should be 26.10 (10% off on $29 recharge)
        So it should be $104.8 for the year.
  • unused data rollover

    At the moment, when I recharge wollies mobile BEFORE it expires (last day before expiry), unused data gets rolled over and added to the new 5gb recharge! I have over 12gb of data available. I hope Optus keeps it the same.
    Call credits don't rollover however.
  • Discounted recharge

    Must have been different deals in different areas or States warboat. I remember something similar at that time. But not including petrol. Was just a simple 50% off a recharge and the $2 SIM [$15-50 for the $29 recharge] But also, using a Woolies Everyday Rewards card at payment, got the normal 10% off the $29. So a grand total of $12-60. Good eh? I bought as many as I could use in the time of expiry showing on the receipts. Think I got 6 used in the time at 45 days a time. Which makes me wonder about the cut off date Oct 1 previously mentioned ! I recently bought a recharge, the expiry is a year 20-02-15. I could probably get 8 started before that date, would they be honoured past Oct 1 ? Legally you would think they'd have to be ? I might buy one now just to see if expiry has changed. Then buy a few more if it hasn't. Cheers
  • From Optus website

    Q. Can I still recharge in store at Woolworths or woolworthsmobile.com.au?

    A. Yes - For recharging in a Woolworths store. After 23 March 2014, just ask for Optus branded recharges.

    No for woolworths.com.au - that option closes 23 March, 2014. Instead, head over to optus.com.au/recharge if you'd prefer to recharge online.

    Q. I've already purchased a Woolworth's prepaid voucher, can I still redeem it after 23/3/14?

    A. Yes, you can still redeem your voucher until the expiry date stated on your voucher.