AusCERT 2012 kicks off: photos

AusCERT 2012 kicks off: photos

Summary: The 11th annual AusCERT information security conference kicked off this morning, with the theme "Security on the move".


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  • (Credit: Zennith Geisler/ZDNet Australia)

    Delegates from all over the world travelled to the Gold Coast to hear from top security experts, including Mikko Hypponen (chief research officer, F-Secure), Paul Vixie (chairman and founder, Internet Systems Consortium) and Eugene Kaspersky (chairman and CEO, Kaspersky Lab).

  • (Credit: Zennith Geisler/ZDNet Australia)

    ZDNet Australia's Munir Kotadia interviewed F-Secure chief research officer Mikko Hypponen before his keynote address, essentially getting a sneak peek of what he would cover in his presentation.

    "It's not just that Apple have had a bad year, it's that Apple OS X people have had a bad year. The iOS people have had a great year; in fact, they've had a great five years," he said.

    "In June, iPhone is going to be five years old. One of the most visible gadgets in the world — zero malware, not a single virus/trojan/backdoor that would run on a non-modified, non-jailbroken iPhone, which is a great accomplishment.

    "It's been long overdue to see problems like these in OS X, because it really wasn't as secure as everybody thought it was."

Topics: AUSCERT, Security, Symantec

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