AusCERT 2012 kicks off: photos

AusCERT 2012 kicks off: photos

Summary: The 11th annual AusCERT information security conference kicked off this morning, with the theme "Security on the move".


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  • (Credit: Zennith Geisler/ZDNet Australia)

    Juniper Networks senior director Christofer Hoff gave the plenary address, during which he claimed to be wearing a "wearable Japanese space toilet". This was quite apt, as his presentation on commode computing discussed "relevant advances in toiletry and IT — from squat pots to cloud bots — better waste management through security automation".

  • (Credit: Zennith Geisler/ZDNet Australia)

    Security Consultancy Hacklabs decided against a traditional booth this year, opting instead to drive a tank onto the lawn of the conference building. While most attendees looked quite impressed, Stilgherrian said, "It's not a tank, it's an M113 armoured personnel carrier with an MRV mod. The turret is taken from a..."

    We walked away before he could finish, not wanting to know why he knows so much about military vehicles.

  • (Credit: Munir Kotadia/ZDNet Australia)

    Hacklabs' Penetration tester Chris Gatford poses proudly with the tank, which doubles as the company's exhibition space.

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