AusCERT 2012 pics: Vaders and Terminators

AusCERT 2012 pics: Vaders and Terminators

Summary: The 2012 AusCERT conference continues with Star Wars, censorship, cyber attacks and machines becoming self-aware.


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  • (Credit: Michael Lee/ZDNet Australia)

    US Army Cyber Command operational attorney Robert Clark spoke about the legal aspects of cyberspace operations, claiming never to have seen a cyber attack.

    "With all due respect to all my friends out here, doing this; we've never seen a cyber attack, because I'm looking at a very specific definition of what a cyber attack is.

    "Stuxnet was not a cyber attack. Estonia, nope. Georgia, nope."

  • (Credit: Zennith Geisler/ZDNet Australia)

    Queensland Police detective superintendent Brian Hay's session, "Mythbusters II", continued on from his presentation last year, where he spoke about online fraud and corporate crime — this year, he mostly showed the audience funny videos and hoax internet photos, such as the Derbyshire fairy and bonsai cats.

  • (Credit: Zennith Geisler/ZDNet Australia)

    There was a bit of controversy on day one, when Webroot referenced competitor Symantec on its booth signage, and we were a bit surprised that the sign stayed up. However, it turns out, it only lasted 24 hours before they were censored.

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  • I think, therefore I am. I am what? A machine. Damn!!