AusCERT 2012 pics: Vaders and Terminators

AusCERT 2012 pics: Vaders and Terminators

Summary: The 2012 AusCERT conference continues with Star Wars, censorship, cyber attacks and machines becoming self-aware.


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  • (Credit: Zennith Geisler/ZDNet Australia)

    Attendees could pretend to be Luke, Leia or Han Solo, thanks to the life-sized Star Wars cut-out at the AusCERT booth. But why can't we pretend to be Darth Vader?

  • (Credit: Zennith Geisler/ZDNet Australia)

    The Terminator 3 pinball machine has proved to be quite popular so far, with players recording their top scores the low-fi way — with a pen and paper.

  • (Credit: Zennith Geisler/ZDNet Australia)

    Munir Kotadia opted to report from the top of the Hacklabs tank, possibly to avoid confrontations with those he was talking about ... or maybe he was just trying to get a better mobile phone signal?

Topics: AUSCERT, Security

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  • I think, therefore I am. I am what? A machine. Damn!!