AusCERT 2013 day 1: Speed, fraud, and interruptions

AusCERT 2013 day 1: Speed, fraud, and interruptions

Summary: What do security specialist HD Moore and the Queensland Police have in common? They both feature in this lighthearted round-up of day 1 at AusCERT 2013.


HD Moore took to the stage on the first morning of this year's conference. If you've never heard him speak before, Moore has far too much information to share, and never enough time. Luckily for some, he also has the ability to deliver that information at light speed.

During a break, it seemed it would be a good idea to fit in a short video interview. Turns out, that was wrong.

Later in the day, Brian Hay from the Queensland Police introduced delegates to Jill, a victim of Nigerian scammers. If you think people like Jill, who fall victim to these scammers, are greedy and stupid, think again.

Topics: AUSCERT, Security

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  • Greedy and Stupid

    "If you think people like Jill, who fall victim to these scammers, are greedy and stupid, think again."

    I googled around and read the excerpts, and I thought again. YES, Jill was greedy and stupid -- in that order! Common sense plus a half-way operational conscience would have precluded her from flying halfway around the world to claim $1 million that wasn't hers -- as she did no work, earned nothing, and was rightfully entitled to nothing.

    Just heaping blame on supposedly sophisticated scammers without acknowledging one's own GREED will solve little. Jill was stupid -- as it seems she still hadn't learned that her own GREED was the key that let the scammers in!! Yes, educate yourself to scammer schemes... but you must get rid of your own greed first. Otherwise, every future scheme will be yet another tempting, siren call...
  • I dont need to think again.

    They are greedy and stupid. No sane non greedy person believes you can get something from nothing. These people are not only old enough to know better, but old enough to know that nigerian scams have been around since before the internet.

    "A fool and his money are easily parted"