Aussie corporates flirt with Gmail

Aussie corporates flirt with Gmail

Summary: Australian IT services firm SMS Management and Technology lastweek claimed to be fielding decent levels of interest from large Australianorganisations interested in dumping their existing email platformsand migrating to Google's Gmail service.


Australian IT services firm SMS Management and Technology last week claimed to be fielding decent levels of interest from large Australian organisations interested in dumping their existing email platforms and migrating to Google's Gmail service.

Paul Cooper
(Credit: SMS)

The news comes in the wake of the New South Wales Department of Education and Training's announcement in late June that it would dump Microsoft's Outlook/Exchange platform and move its 1.3 million school students to Gmail, partnering with SMS to do so. Macquarie University has also adopted Gmail.

"There's been a fair bit of interest from the other education services around Australia," SMS industry director of business solutions Paul Cooper told last week. The executive added some of the largest Australian city councils were also looking at the Gmail option.

"My sense is that there's a number of eyes on the NSW solution, and I get the feeling that they [other groups] will certainly want to have a look at the success and how that operates first," he added.

Google has so far struggled to gain traction in Australia with its corporate office suite, which includes the hosted Gmail service as well as calendaring, word processing, spreadsheet tools and other offerings suitable for business use.

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia has evaluated some aspects of Google's platform but found them wanting, while other smaller firms such as winemaker De Bortoli have also flirted with the technology.

Cooper said SMS was seeing a good deal of interest in using Google's offerings to reduce costs. But he said the "sleeper" functionality in the services was the ability to link the search giant's tools with other applications in a technique known as creating "mashups".

"The Google model, out of the box, is very compatible with this type of approach," he said.

One potential roadblock to adoption could be the cost of international data traffic to access data hosted on Google's servers oversees. Cooper declined to comment on whether Google had investigated hosting servers in Australia, but said the cost would vary between organisations.

Cooper said the Google suite would be of interest to medium-sized businesses who don't want to set up their own infrastructure, especially groups up to 1,000 staff, or organisations such as education departments who simply had to provide vast numbers of email accounts.

However large companies with "complex" requirements would probably stick with traditional suites such as Outlook for the time being.

The executive said the Google product was particularly suited to being partnered with mid-tier IT services firms like SMS. Industry titans such as Hewlett-Packard, IBM or Electronic Data Systems, normally worked closely with traditional software vendors such as Microsoft or Oracle.

Cooper said SMS was supplying its usual type of high-end services such as project and change management around the Google suite. In comparison, he said he suspected larger firms were struggling to work out how to make money from the new hosted Web 2.0-style applications such as Gmail.

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  • What a crock of shite article

    So the headline reads 'Aussie corporates flirt with Gmail' giving the impression that Australian corporations are and yet the article says almost the exact opposite! The only serious Australian corporate entity did flirt with Google's platform and found it seriously wantng. I would hardly call educational institutions and local government 'corporates'!

    And rather than provide facts and figures of how many small and medium business are taking up Google platforms all we read is gratuitous self promotion from Cooper, 'Cooper said the Google suite would be of interest to medium-sized businesses who don't want to set up their own infrastructure'. Of interest is hardly taking up the service!

    How much are ZDNet writers being paid by Google???
  • Maybe

    Just bored writers whom get paid and not expect alot of response/view
  • Good approach for other sectors as well

    Well I thought it interesting news. Australian small business would do well to watch the example and see how it pans out. A sound approach to simple WAN networking. It could save many small businesses great cost with the trades industry flailing currently and the costly set-up of shifting construction sites.
  • Spin

    This article is just a spin exercise by SMS. They are trying to create the belief that there is really corporate interest out there, in order to justify their advice to NSW DETA that they've made the right choice.
    Student mail. Wow, how does that relate to business? There's a world of difference between an education department deciding to offload the 1.6million end users email detailing their daily love interests, and a corporate shifting their critical, sensitive data to an external organisation that so far has shown little regard for user privacy.

    Typical of zdnet i guess.
  • Does this Make Sense

    Its too early to comment on companies moving to Gmail ... far too early. So this whole article was sensless.
  • (In)Security

    I would be more worried about the security and privacy of all my business and customer data being stored _somewhere_ overseas.

    You would definitely want to have all the security requirements as well as the data privacy issues clearly documented, with some compliance auditing. How much is your corporate intelectual property worth to you?

    How much would it cost to restore data for a legal case in five years time??

    Tread carefully and think of the future.
  • Misleading, shizen, dumbo mail

    Gee, let's move our corporate messaging system to gmail.

    clearly no idea and has blown any form of credibility for SMS to run corporate mail.