Aussie ICT layoffs: the scorecard

Aussie ICT layoffs: the scorecard

Summary: Australia's ICT industry is being hit hard by the global economic crisis, with many companies laying off staff or entering hiring freezes in the past few months. We'll track the cuts on an ongoing basis in this complete list.

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update Australia's ICT industry is being hit hard by the global economic crisis, with many companies laying off staff or entering hiring freezes in the past few months. We'll track the cuts on an ongoing basis in this complete list.

Some companies, like Telstra, Commander and Optima, were losing staff regardless of the crisis, due to other business issues that have, in Commander and Optima's cases, forced the companies to close their doors.

Others, particularly the local arms of global companies such as eBay and EDS, have taken part in global cuts by retrenching some local staff.

But mainly Australian firms like UXC and Optus have also cut staff, while some, such as SMS Management and Technology, have simply reduced their hiring plans.

Internationally, the last few months have seen dramatic cutbacks at the likes of Nortel, Symantec, Xerox, Nokia, Yahoo and Dell, to name a few. It's unclear yet how many have done the same locally without disclosing the cuts.

Fortunately, the hiring climate in Australia's technology industry remains buoyant, with recruiters still trying to build up their banks of skilled workers looking for employment.

This table was last updated on 30 January, 2009.

How many
Further reading
eBay 18 07/10/2008 eBay Australia fires 18 staff
HP/EDS 450 Three-year plan HP/EDS Australia expect to cut 450
Optus 115 20/10/2008 Optus confirms 115 jobs to go
Cellnet Undisclosed 31/10/2008 Cellnet cut jobs in restructure
UXC 12 04/11/2008 Layoffs hit UXC
KAZ (Telstra) 100 24/09/2008 Kaz to fire 100 staff
Telstra 800 18/09/2008 800 sacked as Telstra integrates BigPond
Elders 40 06/08/2008 Elders staff fired as telco arm closed
Engin Undisclosed 05/08/2008 Bleeding Engin bandages wounds
Freshtel Undisclosed 29/08/2008 Freshtel's VoIP dreams turn into a nightmare?
Commander Undisclosed Ongoing Union targets Commander leftovers
Optima Undisclosed 23/10/2008 Optima shut down, assets auctioned off
Yahoo!7 About 10 18/08/2008 Job cuts hit Yahoo!7
National Australia Bank 443 Ongoing NAB confirms further IT job cuts
PacNet 22 14/11/08 PacNet offshores 22 Aussie jobs
Alphawest 33 01/12/08 Alphawest lays off 33
Ericsson 300 02/12/08 Ericsson chops 300 A/NZ workers
IBM Unclear 02/12/08 IBM laying off 2,600 Asia-Pac workers?
3 Mobile Unclear 02/12/08 Contractors go from 3 Mobile
Integ (UXC division) 6 04/12/08 UXC's Integ cuts staff by six
Goldman Sachs JBWere About a dozen 03/12/08 Goldman Sachs cuts IT jobs
ANZ Bank Unknown 08/12/08 ANZ silent on Xmas IT staff cuts
Dialog Unknown 09/12/08 Aussie IT firm Dialog sheds staff
Oakton Single digit % 11/12/08 Oakton joins layoff list
Websense 25 03/12/08 Websense shuts Sydney R&D team down
Logica Unknown 15/12/08 Logica Australia in job cuts
Lenovo Unknown 08/01/09 Australia will feel Lenovo cuts
Vodafone NZ About 20 15/01/09 Redundancies hit Vodafone NZ
Nokia Siemens Networks Less than 15 16/01/09 Australian Nokia-Siemens jobs head offshore
AMD Unknown 19/01/09 AMD job cuts to hit Australia
Microsoft 1 23/01/09 Microsoft cuts skip Australia
Citrix Unknown 29/01/09 Citrix cuts to hit Australia

Any we've missed or should know about? Drop us a line and let us know. We'll keep everything confidential.

Topic: IT Employment

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  • Data#3

    Data#3 retrenched 20+ about a week ago
  • VzB

    Verizon Business, 20+ locally, 180+ globally
  • Things change so quickly!

    So glad I didn't take that job I was offered at KAZ about 3 months ago...
  • Scorecard

    Not a great scorecard if half of them are undisclosed...
  • Aussie ICT layoffs: the scorecard

    Why is it that when asked what a company's most valuable asset is you're told 'Staff'. But when a company is in trouble the first ting that is cut is this supposed most valuable asset?
  • Verizon Business - MARKED AS SPAM BY AKISMET

    hi there,

    FYI we called Verizon Business in Australia and they denied they were making any local layoffs, they said it was "business as usual".

    Anyone who knows any more about this, please feel free to drop me a line at


    Renai LeMay
    News Editor
    02 8514 9907
  • Verizon Business

    hi everyone,

    FYI we called Verizon Business in Australia and they said they were not laying off any staff, and it was "business as usual".

    Can anyone with any further information please contact me?


    Renai LeMay
    News Editor
    02 8514 9907
  • Company Assets

    Because it is all about the pretend "Core Values" these companies promote to the unsuspecting customers when the reality is very different internally.
  • Verizon Business

    My husband works for Verizon, they have not laid off anybody, whoever made the original comment is not telling the truth.
  • Whats happening at ERG ?

    Announcement was on the ASX this morning. What's happening ?
  • ASG Group laid off a bunch a few weeks ago

    ASG Group laid off a bunch of staff a few weeks ago. Mainly staff from Syd office, but also some from Melb and a few from Perth HQ..
  • ICT Layoffs

    It would be interesting to see who has been hiring (if any)
  • Data3

    Here is one for you. They retrenched AD/Exchange engineers , and now have a 3 month contract on offer for an AD/Exchange person, listed on seek, go figure that one for excellence in planning and foresight
  • Is that legal

    I thought a retrenched position was one that was no longer required, how can they advertise for a person to fill a role that should no longer exist, does anybody have a legal opinion on this??
  • Is that Legal

    No Its not legal if the company has over 100 staff and the role has not changed by more than 40%. It may only be in title that there are similarities but if not then this is a case of unfair dismissal and can be questioned through the Industrial Relations Tribunal.

    I would be asking to see the position description and the renumeration package on offer to qualify though.
  • Were is the honesty ? ...

    I used to work in Pacific Internet and they promised "no more layoffs , no changes" when those guys in Hong Kong bought us in September last year. This was their big pitch "we love you, trust us" !

    Our CEO got canned after 1 month and the entire management team got forced out over the following 3 or 4 months ... not one person is left from the old team.

    They fired a lot of guys in March this year and then promised no more redundancies then they fired 22 guys in Newcastle last month who were doing a great job.

    If they were honest last year people could have found new jobs and got on with their lives ... can we sue them for not telling us the truth ?
  • Not surprised

    I know a few of the permie staff there and they are not surprised that senior management at D3 are less than honest. It seems a number of retrenched staff were hired back on contract to do the same job they were retrenched from.
  • Macquarie jobs axing

    With the recent round of jobs gone at Macquarie Bank there has been very little on how much is IT and how much is business.

    I do know that 1 Macquarie staffer layed-off last week tried suicide over the weekend. This is just another example of how little emphasis Banks and other companies honour the "STAFF ARE OUR ASSETS" MO and pay little attention to the impact this has against personal circumstances of the people affected and the timing of making these judgement calls.
  • Tragic

    Unfortunately becoming a common story - I too have friends that foolishly opted to remain in IT and some of them have tried to top themselves during the last few months.
  • Verizon Business

    Not laid off anybody....yet! ;-)