Aussie tablet sales 2.3m in H1 2013: Telsyte

Aussie tablet sales 2.3m in H1 2013: Telsyte

Summary: Tablet sales look to double this year, with 2.3 million tablets sold in Australia during the first six months of 2013 — already equalling total sales for 2012.


Almost 2.3 million tablets were sold in Australia in the first half of 2013, coming close to equalling the number sold in the entirety of 2012, according to a study by Telsyte, a technology analyst firm.

Announced on Wednesday, the results showed the proliferation of tablets, with 7 million people using them in Australia as of the end of June 2013, and estimated revenues of over AU$2 billion for the year. According to the analyst firm, Apple is maintaining its dominance in the tablet market down under, with H1 2013 sales consisting of 52 percent iPads, 43 percent Android tablets, and only 5 percent Microsoft Windows-based tablets.

"Despite being slow to start, Windows is expected to grow its market share, driven by business users and increased OEM support," Telsyte senior analyst Alvin Lee said today.

The firm is estimating that Microsoft, which announced its $7.2 billion impending acquisition of Nokia yesterday, will grow its tablet market share to 20 percent by 2017.

Android tablets are forecast to overtake Apple sales by 2015, with Samsung tablets now close to taking up 40 percent of Android tablet sales.

Only 20 percent of tablets currently utilise 4G long-term evolution (LTE) within the Australian market.

Tablet sales in India have also been tipped to double in the 2013-14 financial year to 3.84 million units, according to a report from the Manufacturers Association of Information Technology (MAIT).

"Tablets are cannibalising the PC market and registering a phenomenal growth of 424 percent in the second consecutive year," MAIT president JV Ramamurthy said in the report.

Last week, research firm IDC estimated this year's worldwide tablet market to be 57.7 percent above 2012 shipments, at 227.4 million tablet shipments.

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  • 4G LTE utilisation in Australian market ..

    "Only 20 percent of tablets currently utilise 4G long-term evolution (LTE) within the Australian market."

    Speaking as an Aussie... (Oi!)

    I suspect this is because most people use their home or business wifi to connect their tablets to the 'net. That's an obvious assumption ... maybe.

    If the 20% uptake of 4G on tablets sold in Aus. was to imply that this is low compared to other parts of the world, I don't know that you'd be seeing the whole picture... Here in Australia, I suspect wifi is already in the majority of homes already. Why would you pay extra for 4G on your tablet? And those without wifi at home may well have wifi delivered to their tablets by tethering their existing smart phones. I know I use my smart phone to tether my tablet when I'm on the move, as do my children and friends who use tablets and laptops on the move.

    Here in Australia I'm pretty sure we have more smart phones per head of population than in most other parts of the world, with just about all of those connected to an ISP. It would be interesting to get the figures on these issues.

    Why would anyone pay for two 4G/LTE services when most of us have it already included in our smartphone contracts?

    Is the uptake of smartphones ... lower in other parts of the world than in Australia? and... what percentage of those are connected to 4G - or 3? Could explain only 20% of tablets being sold with 4G in Australia.
  • Agreed with kawaiES3

    Why would you pay for a second 4G/3G service when you can just tether it to your phone, looking for a tablet with "Cellular capabilities" isn't a selling point anymore, due to everyone tethering.