Australian semiconductor company: Photos

Australian semiconductor company: Photos

Summary: Last week, popped over to Australian semiconductor company Sapphicon Semiconductor to check out its fabrication plant.


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  • Sapphicon's offices and fabrication facility were located in Sydney within walking distance of Sydney Olympic park. The company manufactures and designs a range of microscopic devices which use the properties of semiconductors like silicon. These devices include microscopic radio frequency and mixed-signal receivers used in wireless technology, mobile phones and satellite dishes.

    The facility has been in operation since 1989.

    (Credit: Colin Ho/

  • According to Greatbatch, the Homebush facility was previously a "captive fabrication" plant which handled manufacturing duties for Peregrine Semiconductor which created components for devices like the iPhone. Peregrine sold the facility in 2008 by a group of private buyers with the trading name Sapphicon.

    The company recently teamed up with CSIRO to make chips for the world's largest network of radio telescopes.

    (Credit: Colin Ho/

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