Avaya rolls out datacentre product line

Avaya rolls out datacentre product line

Summary: The company has rolled out new datacentre switches and network management tools as it builds on its acquisition of technology acquired in its purchase of Nortel's enterprise networking unit

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Avaya on Tuesday rolled out new datacentre switches and network management tools in the second installment of gear since it acquired Nortel's enterprise networking unit.

The privately held company, best known for its unified communication systems, acquired Nortel's enterprise networking unit in 2009. Avaya is now looking to develop its datacentre product line with the launch of the Avaya Virtual Services Platform (VSP) 7000, a stackable 10GbE switch for datacentres. The switch connects to datacentre servers with tight integration to VMware's vCenter cloud operating system. Avaya said the VSP 7000 can expand from 10Gb to 40 to 100 without replacing the chassis.

In addition, it is releasing a Virtual Provisioning Service (VPS) that aims to manage, troubleshoot and provision virtual machines in the network. Avaya is also launching professional services designed to deploy its architecture and tools.

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Topic: Networking

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