Awesome iPhone, iPad accessories (December 2012 edition)

Awesome iPhone, iPad accessories (December 2012 edition)

Summary: Given the incredible popularity of the iPhone and iPad, there are an overwhelming number of accessories available for both. Finding the best accessory in a particular category can be very difficult.

TOPICS: Apple, iOS, iPhone, iPad

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  • OtterBox iPhone 5 Commuter Series Case

    If you're not expecting to drop your iPhone down the side of a mountain, or have to fight off a hungry bear with it, then the OtterBox Commuter case will likely offer all the protection your shiny iOS-powered device needs. It will protect your precious iPhone from drops, bumps and scratches, while still maintaining some of the stylishness that Apple intended it to have.

    Note that this case does not offer protection from water damage.

    Fits both the iPhone 5.

    Price: $34.95.

    Image credit: OtterBox.

  • TurtleJacket PentaEye

    The PentaEye is an awesome five-lens optical system for iPhone 5 owners. Contained it a single easy to use product are the following features:

    • Lens Dial with 5 x 15mm lens mount
    • Fisheye Lens 0.33x
    • Wide Lens x0.7
    • Tele Lens 1.5x
    • Close up Lens (closest focal length is about 2cm)
    • 37mm Lens Mount (Detach the Dial part to expose the 37mm Lens mount)
    • 2 x Tripod Mount
    • 2 x Strap Holder
    • Aluminum Body

    However, this gadget only works with the iPhone 5, for now.

    Price: around $270.

    Image creditTurtleBack.

  • iGuy Standing Cover for iPad Mini

    Without a doubt the strangest cover I've come across for the iPad mini. I like this case a lot because it is a great case for kids to use. Not only is the iGuy Standing cover's foam construction lightweight, it allows your iPad mini to take a few falls without breaking.

    Designed for the iPad mini only.

    Price: $29.95.

    Image credit: iGuy.

Topics: Apple, iOS, iPhone, iPad

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