AWS adds peering to Virtual Private Clouds

AWS adds peering to Virtual Private Clouds

Summary: Customers can now knit together virtual private clouds within companies or different partners on Amazon Web Services.

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Amazon Web Services on Wednesday added peering to its Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) service.

VPCs gave AWS more of a hook into the enterprise since it enabled resources to be isolated. Companies often want to have full control and a private cloud.

Ahead of its AWS Summit in San Francisco, the company added peering. In a nutshell, peering allows virtual private clouds to communicate and connect in a region. With peering and their private Internet Protocol addresses, VPCs can behave as if they were part of the same network.

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AWS customers can add a peering connection between VPCs or another one with another account. Ultimately up to 50 VPCs can be knitted together.

In a blog post, AWS outlined a few use cases. For instance, departments within an organization could each have a VPC and be peered together. In addition, VPCs from industry partners could also be peered together.

Peering is available now under the VPC service.

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Topics: Cloud, Amazon

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