AWS launches GPU instances, mobile app developer tools

AWS launches GPU instances, mobile app developer tools

Summary: Amazon Web Services and Nvidia are launching cloud services designed to move GPUs beyond high performance computing to SaaS companies.


Playing with the building blocks of the cloud: Getting IaaS right

Playing with the building blocks of the cloud: Getting IaaS right

Playing with the building blocks of the cloud: Getting IaaS right

Amazon Web Services on Tuesday launched a new type of instance using Nvidia Grid graphics processing units for 3D modeling as well as new tools for mobile app developers.

On the GPU front, AWS said that it will launch G2 instances, an Elastic Compute Cloud service designed for 3D graphics. The service is aimed at graphic intensive efforts such as visualizations and large workloads.

The move takes the GPU cloud services from AWS beyond the core high performance computing workloads. In the supercomputer market, Nvidia GPUs are increasingly being used. Nvidia added that the AWS G2 instances are also aimed at software as a service companies

AWS said the G2 instances can be launched from the usual EC2 interface. G2 instances are available in the U.S. East, West and EU regions. Here's an example of the pricing for the G2 instances, sold by Nvidia on the AWS Marketplace. 



Separately, Amazon said it launched two cloud services for mobile developers. The services revolve around analytics and A/B testing and are aimed at iOS and Android developers.

With the services, developers can test and track usage on the AWS infrastructure. AWS has noted that there's a virtuous cycle between its cloud service, developers for its Kindle Fire OS and monetizing applications.

AWS has been pushing out mobile cloud services regularly and now has log-in, push notifications, in-app purchasing, mobile ads as well as the testing and analytics launched today.

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  • Mobile app A/B testing is gaining traction

    At Leanplum, mobile app A/B testing is our sole focus, and I’m glad Amazon’s mobile app SDK is adding A/B testing capabilities. A/B testing is huge on the web, and the mobile app industry is grossly underserved. When evaluating providers, definitely look at the following: 1) Full analytics integration, not just conversion tracking. 2) The ability to drill down into the A/B testing results using more advanced visualizations like histograms and funnels. 3) Statistical confidence intervals. You will be surprised how many times you think your A/B test was a success, but when you launch, nothing happens.