AWS marketplace adds financial services apps

AWS marketplace adds financial services apps

Summary: Offering access to financial services apps and services is the latest addition to the Amazon Web Services marketplace.


Amazon has added the 10th category to the business software section of its Amazon Web Services Marketplace: financial services.

The new category will join well-established areas such as Business Intelligence, CRM and eCommerce in the company's roll call of business software applications.

There are currently 14 different business applications from 13 companies available in the AWS Marketplace. The software available ranges from the simple to the complex.

"You can now find, buy, and immediately start using powerful charting, time synchronisation, data visualisation, and transaction applications and services," the company said on its AWS blog.

TimeKeeper from FCMLabs is software that synchronises your time management and time monitoring over PTP (Precision Time Protocol) and NTP (Network Time Protocol) software.

In other words, it will keep the time synchronised on systems around the world. It costs $99 an hour plus a usage fee but is currently available as a free trial, the company says.

ChartIQ is a charting tool which, the company says, "helps you improve your end user experience, improving time on site, conversion rates, net promoter score, and retention rates". This is $1.50 an hour plus a usage fee, the company says.

In the eight years since its launch in 2006, AWS has expanded enormously and now has some over 1,600 individual software categories across its three main sectors: software infrastructure (831), developer tools (186) and business software (626).

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