Azure RemoteApp beta: Screenshot gallery

Azure RemoteApp beta: Screenshot gallery

Summary: ZDNet had some hands-on time with Azure RemoteApp at a recent Azure press event in Redmond, setting up a server image and publishing a selection of Office apps.


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  • Load and run apps

    Once you've registered a client, you'll be presented with a list of apps. Just click the icon to load and run the app. It'll run on the Azure virtual machine, delivering its UI to your PC or mobile device.

  • Visio via Azure

    A RemoteApp looks just like — and behaves like — any other app. Here we're running Visio from Azure on a Windows 8.1 PC.

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  • Two questions:

    1) Can you pin apps or create shortcuts to them instead of using the launcher app? It would seem more natural to have them look like they are locally installed instead of having to go into a dedicated launcher.

    2) What about all of the external software licensing for hosted apps? You show Office, Visio & Project (which aren't part of the Office suites, even though they're part of the Office family), and so on. Can an organization use, say, a previously-obtained license of Office VLK/365 ProPlus to host it on Azure, or do they have to license it on Azure separately through the monthly SaaS licensing scheme that they use for HSP's?
  • MS, please integrate this service into your Windows 8 app store ASAP

    If only this could be integrated into the Windows 8 app store, so that developers could make their Windows 8 apps available on other platforms. Just provide a subscription option for Windows 8 apps, and allow access to the Windows 8 apps via this service, on Windows 7 and other platforms. This would be a life saver for productivity developers, because we need to be able to reach businesses, the majority of which are on Windows 7 or earlier.
    P. Douglas