Back to school must-have laptops: 2014

Back to school must-have laptops: 2014

Summary: A high-spec laptop for design, a budget laptop for reading or a decent all-rounder -- whatever your student needs going back to school, you can find it here.


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Topics: Education, Hardware, Laptops

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  • Noted absence of the Surface Pro 3 but inclusion of MacBook Air....

    Speaks Volumes.
    • the more you speak

      The more you demonstrate your own irrelevance, the less anyone listens. Your name is synonymous with ignore-me-guy.
    • Students at our university are drooling over the SP3

      It fits so many sweet spots for so many that I'm seeing more and more around campus and I think it should definitely under consideration if one is looking at a macbook air. I typically have no problem with Charlie, but this omission again speaks to the media, or zdnet in particular, playing favorites.
  • Troll?

    wolf a troll? Sadly... Yes.
    5735guy didn't say anything bad, get a life.
    . . . . sheeeEEEeeesh
  • Not even a mention of Chromebook.

    Shame on you.
  • Touchpad buttons

    If you want a laptop good for a lot of schoolwork, get one with real buttons on the touchpad.
    Buster Friendly