Back to school must-have tablets: 2014

Back to school must-have tablets: 2014

Summary: A high-spec tablet for media, a budget tablet for reading or a decent all-rounder -- whatever your student needs going back to school, you can find it here.

TOPICS: Tablets, Education

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Topics: Tablets, Education

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  • College

    Of the few college kids I know, all of them want laptops. There is a lot of essay and presentation work in college that requires a productive computer. Sorry, tablets are not well suited for productivity, except for the Surface 3.
    Sean Foley
  • Asus note 8 > samsung galaxy note

    same size and both have digitized pens, but the Asus has 4 times the storage, true split screen multi tasking, SD card slot, etc

    and $100 less expensive.
  • Not good for school

    Tablets are basically game and media playing machines. You need a laptop. The only really useful tablet for education is the e-ink kindle for reading.
    Buster Friendly
  • Tablet Stand

    The problem that a lot of schools have with using tablet devices is the security of them. It is so hard for them not to get broken and lets face it, they are all ridiculously expensive.

    What I suggest is a free standing tablet stand that folds away and stacks neatly. Numerous schools across the UK are using The Z3 Tablet Stand which does exactly this.

    AND for £90 ex VAT with a security lock to keep the tablet it place, you can't really go wrong.
  • Microsoft market the Surface Pro 3 as a Laptop....

    ???? Its too big to count as a conventional Tablet and from what I understand uncomfortable to use as a Laptop.