Back to school must-have tech and gadgets: 2014

Back to school must-have tech and gadgets: 2014

Summary: From gaming headsets to budget tablets, here are some of the best back to school tech and gadgets on the market.


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Topics: Education, Mobility, Smartphones, Software, Tablets

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  • Corsair 2100

    Be very careful recommending these. They are great when they are intact, the problem comes with the fact that they are a larger unit (especially for a gaming-class headset) which, while it doubtlessly contributes to their good sound and comfort, also creates their major issue. The earpieces are swivel designs, and that is accomplished by use of a plastic post inside the area you can see between the seam and the start of the band. So that area (which is also simply plastic) handles the stresses of the pivot post, the movement in or out of band adjustments, and the tension between the band's constriction and the outward force of you wearing the headphones.

    End result? This headset breaks. I went through 2 pairs and I baby my equipment. These were meant to replace my previous $30 wired headset which was (at the time) 5 years old or so and still working. If anything should have died it should have been that, not 2 pair of expensive Corsairs in less than a year. Happened to many other reviewers, Corsair support acknowledged to me that it is a design flaw, but so it goes.
    • cursed lack of edit

      Had meant to note that while mine were the 2000, not the new 2100, the physical design is the same and unless they have found a new wonder-plastic, this is still a red flag.