Back to school: Student gifts, essentials for under $50

Back to school: Student gifts, essentials for under $50

Summary: Starting a new semester or beginning college can be tough, but the essentials and gifts associated with it don't have to be expensive.

TOPICS: Education

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  • LED Reading Book Light

    Although we often rely on our Kindles, E-readers and tablets for reading material, many college libraries only offer physical copies of books. As part of a college starter kit, a cheap LED reading light which can be clipped on to books is likely to be a useful addition. 

    Price: £2.99 ($5)


  • Touch-screen gloves

    Once winter beckons and you're forced to trudge to class through icy winds and low temperatures, a pair of gloves is a necessity. But if you need to check your smartphone, it's difficult to control your mobile device with traditional gloves -- so why not buy gloves specifically designed with touchscreen devices in mind? 

    Price: £4.95 ($7.60)


  • Smartfinder Single Key Finder

    Back to School 2013

    What to buy a new college student

    What to buy a new college student

    It's that time of year again -- but what tools, gadgets and apps are useful or necessary for starting college?

    Losing your keys isn't simply a student-based problem -- we all do it. But if you connect a key finder to your belongings, by using a remote control transmitter and radio signal, you'll be able to detect those missing items thanks to an alarm on the receiver.

    The Smartfinder Single Key Finder works for up to 25 meters. 

    Price: £11.99 ($19)

    Via: IWOOT

Topic: Education

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