Ballmer offers Microsoft support to UK start-ups

Ballmer offers Microsoft support to UK start-ups

Summary: Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has announced the Startup Accelerator Programme, aimed at helping UK tech start-ups achieve long-term success

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UK companies with "high potential" can now get a helping hand from Microsoft, the software giant said on Monday, as it launched a new scheme to support start-ups.

Announcing the Startup Accelerator Programme, Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer said the aim was to help those companies that show enormous potential but find it difficult to get started in the right way. A similar scheme has been running in the US since August.

According to Ballmer: "Software offers huge opportunities for new UK businesses, but even great ideas and ground-breaking innovation are sometimes not enough to bring long-term success".

The programme is designed, said Ballmer, to "help fledgling businesses realise their potential and achieve success". It includes technical support and guidance on Microsoft technologies and platforms, including Silverlight — Microsoft's competitor to Adobe's Flash — and its Live offerings, which also received a shot in the arm with the announcement of new services on Monday.

To help promote the businesses, Microsoft will be offering commercial help as well, but first companies have to "be successful" in being considered suitable by Microsoft. Once accepted, qualifying start-ups will get access to tools and services to help "accelerate their businesses commercially", the company said in a statement. This will include "access to marketing and sales support, as well as business-development sessions hosted by Microsoft".

The scheme was launched at a half-day conference in London. At least four companies — Miomni, Zebtab, Corebridge and ViaPost — have already successfully joined the scheme.

Topic: Networking


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  • According to Ballmer:

    It would be nice if he would also help the commoner by producing secure, compatible, and appropriately priced software. Look at VISTA, compatibility problems, driver problems, and security problems. 6 years in the making and this is the best they can come up with? Talk is cheap.