Barnes & Noble trims price of Nook Color to $139, Nook Tablet to $159

Barnes & Noble trims price of Nook Color to $139, Nook Tablet to $159

Summary: The tablet PC price wars continue to heat up as Barnes & Noble lowers the cost on its older slates in preparation for the release of its new Nook HD models.

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If you're looking to buy a Barnes & Noble Nook tablet, and you don't want to pony up more money for the new HD versions due next week, you're in luck. The bookseller has announced that it is dropping the price on its soon-to-be legacy Nook Color and Nook Tablet effective tomorrow (November 4).

Each of the 7-inch tablets will get $20 shaved off their former price tag. The Nook Color will now cost $139, while the 8GB Nook Tablet will now run $159 and the 16GB version will cost $179. The new 7-inch Nook HD will start at $199 when it arrives on November 8, while the 9-inch Nook HD+ will cost $269 (or $60 less than the similarly sized iPad Mini).

The Nook price cuts were inevitable, not only to make room for the new Nooks' higher pricing, but also to make them more competitive with the Amazon Kindle Fire. The new non-HD version of the Fire starts at $159 (though you have to pay $15 extra to remove the special offers from it), but its specs are improved over the first version and presumably the Nook Color and Nook Tablet. 

Are these new prices now low enough for you to pick up a Nook Color or Nook Tablet? Let us know in the Talkback section below.

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Topic: Tablets

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  • i just dont see the point

    Everybody seems nuts over these tablet things. I don't see the point. The virtual keyboards are rubbish and the screen is tiny. The only thing I see people doing is playing games on them. $129 is too expensive for a toy to play with for the few minutes you're in an elevator. Free, maybe but I wouldn't even want the weight.
    • Here is just one point

      Woke up early this morning. Stayed in bed, grabbed my NC and read some news on the web and then played a couple of games. I guess you cannot do that.

      You "elevator" comment is just silly.
    • Ninentdos have done well enough at those price points.

      7 inch tablets have a lot of functionality for their size. Not as much as a computer, but more than handheld game systems.

      It is easy to see why they are popular.
  • Wow! Tablet decisions are getting tougher all the time.

    I think the Barnes & Noble products often get overlooked. Even though I'm a longtime (2.5+ years) iPad user, I'm seriously thinking of getting something for my wife this Christmas. I'll wait to see how the new Nook tablets compare but these older models are very tempting too at these lower prices!
    • They sure are

      I see refurb Nook Colors for $99. They are super easy to root. Cyanogenmod (CM)7.2 (Gingerbread) for the NC is nice and stable. CM10 (Jelly Bean) is in beta. Full access to the Android Marketplace. How can you go wrong?
      • RE: "CM10 (Jelly Bean) is in beta

        Have you tried CM10 on a Nook Color? Nook Color's are a bit long in the tooth now.

        CM10 on an 8 GB Nook Tablet, soon to be $159 U.S., seems more realistic.
        Rabid Howler Monkey
        • Don't disagree

          The problem is that CM10 seems farther along and perhaps more certain for the NC than for the NT. As a matter of fact, I do not believe there is even a stable release of CM 7.X for the NT. In addition, it seems they have video HW acceleration working in CM10 for the NC, which I do not believe is the case in CW7.2. Hence video playback may be significantly improved.

          I agree that the NT is a more appealing tablet from a HW perspective, being dual core etc. There were some initial concerns about the 500MB/8GB version being able to run CM10, but I do not know for sure what the status is at the present. Given that CM10 apparently runs quite well on the NC, you would think it would run well on the lower end NT as well.

          To me, I would rather settle for a NC with CM 10 than a NT with uncertain CM support. If/when the CM10 support for the NT starts to look more certain, I would be inclined to purchase the NT (1GB/16GB) as it is more powerful and future proof.

          I am unfortunately not interested in ANY Nook tablet (note lower case t) locked into the B&N ecosystem and with sluggish performance.
        • And sorry..

          no I have not tried it yet. I am very tempted, given that beta2 is out, but I have decided to wait for the stable release. Given the effort the community seems to be putting into this release, I cannot imagine is being sluggish. Also bear in mind that most NCs will overclock nicely from the stock 800MHz to 1.2GHz, which makes a considerable difference in overall performance.
  • Not low enough...

    You are still tied to B&N's worldview or in the case of Amazon, their worldview. I think $99 would be a good spot for the Nook Color and Kindle Fire, with $119 for the Tablet.