Barnes & Noble updated Nook HD Android tablets (gallery)

Barnes & Noble updated Nook HD Android tablets (gallery)

Summary: See if for yourself: With one major software update, the Barnes & Noble HD e-reader has been transformed into an excellent, low-end Android tablet.

TOPICS: Tablets, Android

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  • (Image: Screenshot by Steven J Vaughan-Nichols)

    Say hello to the new Nook HD

    With just one software update including the Google Play app store, the Barnes & Noble Nook HD and its 10-inch big-brother Nook HD+ tablet have become very interesting low-end Android tablets. 

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  • (Image: Screenshot by Steven J Vaughan-Nichols)

    Google Play on Nook HD 

    If the Nook HD's hardware can support it, the Nook HD can run it. The newly revised Nook now supports most Android applications, ebooks, videos, and music from most Android-compatible media providers. 

Topics: Tablets, Android

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  • Strange.

    Its seems strange than SJVN failed to spin Windows 8's 100 million sales milestone as a disaster.
    • Lol

      I think he's working on it somehow.
      • Wow

        Love my job, since I've been bringing in $5600… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I'm making it online.(Click Home information)
    • Also

      Maybe he's a changed man. He probably got some sorta warning or maybe he saw the light
      • blazing_smiley_face, you and OwlllllNet must be smoking some good stuff

        as your posts are always way - way up in the clouds on your abilit tothink anything out clearly................
        Over and Out
        • Clearly....

          Clearly you're mistaking me for the person who pooped you out.
        • Lighten up sonny

          This is the internetz I don't come here to fight. If you want to fight then step into my dojo. Other than that, tell your mom to call me ;-D
          • blazing_smiley_face...bend over cuttie pie and let me give you some lovin

            I'll really puts a smile on your face when I gets done with you....honey beel
            Over and Out
    • So tell me Owllllllnet,

      when will you finish grade school? Quite a ways to go still it looks like.
  • How is the Nook a low end tablet?

    The Nook hardware has always been very good as well as the build quality. Lack of Google services is what held it back.

    Now it is one of the best tablets on the market and at possibly the best price.
    • Agreed. "Low end" not applicable here.

      The only "low end" aspect of the Nook HD/HD+ is the current sales prices. The 7 inch Nook at $149 and 9 inch Nook at $179 are fantastic deals. What other tablet offers full Google Play Store compatibility, 243 ppi screen, expandable storage, dual-core A9 processor, and a great design/build quality at these prices?
    • seriously?

      Slower CPU than standard, slow slightly slower than other GPUs, and no cameras!

      Does that answer your question?
      • Cameras

        Personally, I am not interested in paying for cameras on tablets. I can see the use of a low end front camera for video chats (which I do not do), but not a high quality rear one.

        I have all of a sudden become mighty interested in those Nook HDs.
        • I just wish

          they would put the high end camera on the front for HD video chats
          • .

            in my experience, the higher end cameras often come across as more blurry because of bandwidth issues... but when i spent the most time skyping, i was in the middle of nowhere with really REALLY crappy internet... so it could have just been me
      • Seriously: never needed a camera for my tablets

        I bought the iPad first day it was out (April 3, 2010). Love it! Use it everyday. No camera on it and I've never seen why I'd want one on a tablet. I've got a very nice pocket digital camera thank you. Bought the Nook HD last Christmas for my wife. Again, no camera and we're perfectly fine with that. She too has a camera of her own much better than any iPhone or tablet cam. Our main uses for tablets are book reading, video, games, and surfing the net. None of these functions use a camera.
      • Still not low end

        I can see the front facing camera being an issue for some, but everything else I disagree with.

        The CPU for Nook HD passmark is 1940. The Nexus 7 is 2031 and the nexus 7 was probably the best 7 inch android on the market.

        a 9 inch 1920x1280 (256 ppi) screen, 10 hour battery, 32gb storage, 1,5ghz dual core A9 cpu and only 515g for $200.

        The Nook has all of the big four that typical low end tablets cut corners on to keep cost low: battery, cpu, storage or screen quality. Nothing lacking there on the Nook and the build quality feels exceptionally solid.

        One has to wonder if this is Barnes and Noble dumping their Nooks to get out of the tablet business or they are getting very aggressive with their pricing.
  • I wonder how long it will take

    for someone to get it to run Ubuntu Touch?
  • Thanks for the Amazon plug!

    Ok, you got in more than enough promotional shots of Kindle software running on the Nook. Either as a joke or a statement, that's enough already.