Bartlett comes down on Vic opt-in decision

Bartlett comes down on Vic opt-in decision

Summary: Former Tasmanian Premier David Bartlett has described the decision by Victoria's state government to pursue an "opt-in" policy regarding connecting residents and businesses to the National Broadband Network as "very short-sighted".


Former Tasmanian Premier David Bartlett has described the decision by Victoria's state government to pursue an "opt-in" policy regarding connecting residents and businesses to the National Broadband Network as "very short-sighted".

In late December last year, Victoria's new Liberal technology minister, Gordon Rich-Phillips, confirmed that the state would not follow Tasmania in pursuing an "opt-out" model for the NBN. Instead, property owners in the state will have to actively choose to receive fibre infrastructure when the roll-out hits their neighbourhood.

In addition, it is not clear whether the new Liberal State Government in NSW will follow Victoria in choosing a so-called "opt-in" policy, with several requests for clarification on the matter producing no concrete position from the government.

Speaking at the CeBIT trade fair and conference series in Sydney this week, Bartlett, who left the Tasmanian parliament several weeks ago, said Victoria's decision was "very short-sighted, frankly".

"Every state needs to start taking this seriously," the politician said, arguing that Australia needed to "take the politics out of the NBN", despite the "patchwork of Liberal and Labor states" that Australia was currently experiencing.

The office of Victorian Technology Minister Gordon Rich-Phillips said: "The Victorian Government's position has not changed with respect to an opt-in approach. We have not received an approach from either the Federal Government nor NBN Co regarding opt-out legislation."

Bartlett argued that rural and regional areas in Australia were currently facing a variety of obstacles, with "everything against the regions" standing in the way of their economic renewal. The roll-out of fast broadband, he said, offered the "brightest hope and light" for regional renewal to occur, and so consequently, every state government should be engaged in the NBN process.

See ZDNet Australia's video interview with David Bartlett at CeBIT below.

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  • Who is he ?

    Sorry i am looking for relevance in this article.
  • Just another failed politician. Buf if the Telstra/NBN deal goes ahead everybody will be on the NBN anyway.
  • "everybody will be on the NBN anyway."

    Nope. Under Vic's terms those who don't 'opt in' won't have any connection other than their mobiles/wireless.
  • grump3 I do know that at times I am slow to grasp a situation but, really, three repeats even for me is more that enough lol.

    Yes you are perfectly correct about the wireless only possibility a fact that I should have identified. Thanks for the wake-up.
    • Syd & grump3

      Your guys raised an interesting point. Not every household use a land line, particularly the young set sharing and prefer wireless so Victorians are being given that option. Albeit, it is short sighted in the sense that the installation is free and could remain inactive until a possible change of circumstances.

      No doubt Telstra is well aware of this situation and and had the foresight to make provision for it in their negotiations with NBN Co. In this connection I invite your attention to the following extract Courtesy: AFR CHANTICLEER Thursday 2 June.

      "It is worth noting just how sweet the NBN Co deal is for Telstra. It gets paid a chunk of money every time a copper wire is switched over to fibre even if the customer does not choose Telstra as its retail service provider. It even gets paid a chunk of money if the customer does not connect to any retail service provider, such as a house that uses only mobiles."
      Vasso Massonic
      • It seems ZD net are championing gutter quantity to quality commentary on their articles. Surely a forth estate low rating.
        Vasso Massonic
        • Obviously they are taking a leaf from NWAT's book, where you were the number #1 poster of TLS share driven, gutter commentary, by a country mile!

          Guess who was

          It must be hard to admit I was right and you wrong "again", and retract your gutter commentary such as ignoramus... but we are waiting!
    • Syd wrote: really, three repeats even for me is more that enough lol.

      Sorry 'bout that. Put it down to my best available, 'superfast' ADSL1 service that took nearly 5 mins to upload that post off the screen...zzzzz.....
  • I agree of course Vasso...

    Because that's "exactly as I told you, some 18 months ago at TE..."? Jump on the NBN, as the advantages for Telstra will greatly outweigh the out-moded (in need of repair) PSTN...
  • Vasso throughout history every human being has had a cross to bear, and as you well know ours is Rizz. lol.
    • Syd, why, the hell, should we bear a cross for someone with such delusions of grandeur - VIZ "but we are waiting!" i like the 'we' bit. ( RS/Rizz!)

      Pity that some seem to evade a first class venue, objecting to having to trade insults with a nobody on a public forum. As the saying , sleeps with dogs, get flees. Think I'll will stick with the safety of Business spectator / Eureka report.
      Vasso Massonic
      • Yes we VasMas... those not a slave to their more precious than life itself [sic] TLS shares...

        So used to like to dish out personal attacks and pick fights, from within the safety of your own greed refuge - NWAT, way back when. Remember, you called those who dared say anything you deemed detrimental to those precious shares, village idiots and ignoramuses, didn't you? But you don't like it in return, do you?...LOL

        So please slither off to your new greed sanctuary, financial rags...

        But alas, you lie and will return, because we've heard all your lies before, such as, I will no longer correspond with you and I will not be back - yet here you are. Ooh and of course your piece de resistance... "I care about Australia not my share holding in Telstra" (LMAO)... priceless!

        So let's see.

        But good bye (for now) "ignoramus/village idiot"...!
  • Rizz Rizz Rizz.
    It is an undeniable fact that neither Vasso or myself have ever questioned your energetic promotion of the NBN. Further, any comment about you has always been in good faith and directed towards educational establishment to assist you to better understand the deep and meaningful aspects of the NBN and indeed all Australian business, of which, as you would agree, Vasso and myself have considerable and extensive knowledge.

    Considering the fact that Telstra is about to sell its Wholesale Division to the NBN and will no longer be a vertical supplier in the industry will you now desist from your call for Telstra to suffer unfair threat and blackmail erected with the sole purpose to assist Telstra opponents and will you direct your considerable promotional abilities to allow Telstra to compete without restrictions on the new level playing field as would be expected in the free enterprise and competitive system that Australia promotes?
  • You didn't answer my question...? Anyway...

    Vasso is now heralding the "SWEET DEAL" Telstra will receive. Are any of their opponents getting a "sweet deal" too...?

    Yet even with a "sweet deal" (others aren't and won't receive - sure Optus may migrate but not to anything near the same extent as Telstra), Telstra are already at an advantage in this "free enterprise competitive system"... but you still whine?

    I'll copy/paste what I wrote to you at another thread here...

    Sydney, this exercise is about Australia's comms and an NBN. It is not just about Telstra.

    The only people who are worried about and keep harping on about Telstra, are stakeholders in Telstra, who have their own selfish interests, not Australia's interests, at heart!

    I'm sure everyone, except those such as you, expect a fair deal for "all" companies, including Telstra... not just Telstra.

    But sadly the biggest worry isn't Telstra being treated unfairly, the biggest worry is due to Telstra's size and influence that they could theoretically, receive preferential treatment by negotiating cheaper NBN access pricing than their competitors, for migrating so many customers to the NBN, thus giving them an advantage, not disadvantage...

    And let's not forget the $11B Telstra will receive, so please...!

    It's your all or nothing at all mentality, also shown by the previous Telstra (mis) management, which is why Telstra do not have FTTN and do not have a renewed monopoly...

    You'd think having let greed get in the way twice already to their detriment, Telstra and their subservient sheep would have learned by now... but!
  • this article is actually about whether the vic govt is going to be party to the fed govts coercive plans. it pleases me to see they have not (yet) chosen to. the fact is though all vics will need to eventually opt-in or go wireless because the govt is forcing the removal of the current competing network.
    once the govt starts down the road of coercion it is very hard for them to stop.