Battlefield firewall to protect tanks from cyber attack

Battlefield firewall to protect tanks from cyber attack

Summary: Ready, aim, firewall

TOPICS: Security

Ready, aim, firewall

Just in case all that thick armour isn't enough protection on the battlefield, a firewall has been developed that can be fitted to tanks.

The ruggedised MESHnet Firewall for use in battlefield vehicles has been unveiled by Secure Computing and General Dynamics Canada.

General Dynamics said the confidentiality of communications between armoured vehicles can be crucial to soldiers' safety.

It said operations require data to be shared between brigades, coalitions and even civil authorities, and the firewall protects networks by monitoring data flow to ensure only authorised data is exchanged.

Mike Smart, Secure Computing's EMEA product manager told "For us there clearly is a need for having a device that protects a PC - even if it has wheels or caterpillar tracks.

The military is increasingly looking at high-tech ways of getting an edge on the battlefield. Follow the link to see photos of the military putting new technology through its paces.

Topic: Security

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