BB10 on the Z10 is making me a BlackBerry fan again

BB10 on the Z10 is making me a BlackBerry fan again

Summary: I have never been a diehard BlackBerry user, but a couple of years ago, the PlayBook and Bold 9930 combo appealed to me. It looks like the fresh UI and usefulness of BlackBerry 10 may be grabbing hold of me again.


The BlackBerry Z10 is now available from AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon in the US. A couple of years ago, I became a BlackBerry fan due to the PlayBook and Bold 9930 combo. It looks like it's happening again, as I just ordered another PlayBook and am thoroughly enjoying the Z10 experience. My love of the underdogs, including Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and HTC, continues.

BB10 on the Z10 is making me a BlackBerry fan again
(Image: BlackBerry)

I've been using a US GSM model of the Z10 for over a month and just received the red BB Transform Shell case I ordered to go along with the device. I previously tested out the black Transform Shell case and like the red one even better. My wife commented that it looks like Darth Maul's case due to the black and red color scheme. It offers decent protection, adds minimal size, and gives me a way to prop up the Z10 and enjoy video content.

I have a few devices to use with T-Mobile, including the Galaxy Note II and Nokia N9. The Note II is an extremely powerful device, but it is also a rather large device and it ends up on my desk and in my bag more than in my pocket. The Z10 works well with a single hand and has been in my pants pocket and with me quite a bit over the past couple of weeks.

However, it's not just an issue of size. The BlackBerry Z10 UI appeals to me, especially the BlackBerry Hub and peek functionality. I am finding that I prefer the simple way various forms of communications appear in the Hub rather than jumping in and out of apps or special notification areas.

I have many apps loaded on the Z10, there are great apps released almost daily now, too; however, I am finding that BlackBerry 10 has most of what I need built into the device and the powerful web browser lets me get things done when apps are not available. The apps that are available work well on the Z10 and the MeeGo-like multitasking screen lets me work very efficiently. Take an honest look at what apps are truly essential on a daily basis and you may just find those 10-15 apps are available on the Z10.

BlackBerry has a long way to go, but it did have a rather successful Q4 when the Z10 was only shipping in a few select countries. With the Z10 now available in the US and the Q10 coming in April, I look forward to hearing about more success from BlackBerry in the next financial period.

I plan to stick with the Z10 on T-Mobile exclusively if I can for the next month and give it a serious test. You need to spend dedicated time with devices for long periods of time to judge whether or not it can work well in your life.

I find the UI to be much like MeeGo was, but Nokia dropped MeeGo as soon as it was released and we can rest assured that BlackBerry is all in with the Z10 and BlackBerry 10. Actually, BlackBerry's strategy and dedication to succeed with BlackBerry 10 give me more confidence than Microsoft and its Windows Phone strategy. As a result, I think BlackBerry may just retain its current third place and increase in market share faster than Windows Phone.

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  • bbz10 Tmobile

    I am thinking seriously of switching back to Blackberry from Android on my t mobile plan. I must the email and notifications that BB had when I was with them. I like what you are saying about the keyboard too.
    • Gmail not pushed to phone? 15 minute delay? Is this right?

      Not sure I could go with BB if there is 15 min delay on gmail accounts being pushed to phone? Is there a way around this? Seems dumb.?
      • There is push email, I have a z10

        There is push email for iCloud, gmail, hotmail, and anything that supports it, I get emails instantly faster then my iPad and computer sometimes.
      • There is push mail

        I had an Iphone before I switched to my Z10. I hate the fact there is no push Gmail on the iPhone. I do have Gmail synced on my Z10. Emails come instant as you would expect. Also it synced all my contacts and calendar. Works great.
        Dineshan Singam
        • It does have push, my Z10 gets newly created email in seconds.
        • Push?

          Not to threadcrap or anything but you people check your emails every 5 minutes anyways, why would you need push? Even if you were waiting for that one special email ASAP, that doesn't change the fact that you're getting a gazillion emails throughout the day anyways and your face is pretty much glued to your mobile device 24/7.
          • There is definitely an advantage to push in the enterprise

            In corporate environments, upper level management, sales, investing 5 minutes can be a very long time.

            Push is not just email it is also calendar updates. With push there is no waiting you get notified instantly if a meeting changes or is relocated or someone has to cancel.
      • Not sure what you are talking about

        I get my gmail emails as quickly on the phone as I do on my laptop.
        Susan Antony
  • It takes a little time

    It takes a little time to understand the benefits of the OS. Now throw in the security and stability of the new OS and you have the top phones out there.
    Just need more app support.
    Susan Antony
    • Gotta agree on the stability front...

      I've been using my Z10 since the beginning of February and it hasn't crashed once ie. no battery pulls or restarts. I think the QNX that runs this thing is a leap ahead in technology but it gets overlooked because it's not a bell or whistle. I used to have a 9550 and my wife had a 3GS and we're both very impressed with the Z10 (which isn't easy). Mom always said good things come to those who wait... turns out she was right, as usual.
  • Apps

    I would be interested in the key apps you do use.
    • Key Apps...

      I'm sure what people consider useful varies widely, but I use VNC and Remote Desktop quite a bit for work (along with built in VPN), photo and video editing are built in but I use those frequently, I use Office365 which integrates my calendar/contacts/notes/tasks and updates immediately, BBM, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare and Facebook (also integrates with contacts), 360 Panorama is cool, Dropbox is integrated which is really handy, then there's the stuff for goofing off with like Angry Birds & Solitaire & Tetris...
      There's a bunch of other stuff built in and many non app features like wifi hot spot... too many to mention here.
  • Great artyicle

    Most tech bloggers trash BB10 without even trying it because its popular to do so. I haven't read any reviews from someone trying the phone for a month first, thanks for restoring some credibility to the tech journalists profession....I suspect this will be a common theme, once people try it out or their friends show them they will not go back to the constant 'in and out' multitasking of Android and iOS
    • Right

      Most real tech bloggers, you mean. Rim/Blackberry has obviously paid a lot for positive reviews and comments like those found in and below this article. Add to that the army of Canadians whose pride hinges on the success of Canadian companies and who are willing to laud the product for free and that's quite a bit of favorable press.
      • You can't pay for all the favorable comments

        It's possible you can pay bloggers and a few reviewers. Maybe a few effective commentators, but you can't pay for all the favorable comments on the internet about BB10 and the Z10.
        Canadians buy iPhones and Androids just like everybody else in the world. You can't get them to switch to a Z10 just like you can't get them to watch a movie because it's Canadian. It has to be good.
        Besides, corporations have no loyalty to any country... They only care about their shareholders and don't think twice about sending Canadian jobs to India.
        Stefano G
  • Playbook and Bold

    The Blackberry Bt tethering was admirable. But via Bt, it didn't work well and 1000 times inferior to actual wifi tethering. The Playbook is also the first wifi device that did not work with external wifi deceives like the Novatel MiFi, further aggravating its use for me. ATT killed any benefit of it with tethering charges.
    • What problem?

      I have numerous Wifi hubs scattered about the acreage (of various makes) and I have no problems with my PlayBooks making connections to them, whatsoever. Maybe the problem is in your configuration, or in the hub that you are using. It might be that the Novatel Mifi isn't up to standards.
  • Its a great phone and OS

    The Z10 is my first BB and it is great. It is fast and has all the apps I need to use on a daily basis, just missing Skype which I believe will be available soon.

    I use it for both my business and personal use. I do not need access to 100,000's of apps that analysts keep saying other phones might have. I have never been a fan of quantity, it is quality that matters.

    Dont take my word for it try the Z10 for yourself.
  • most analyst

    Most analysts seem to just look to see if the new phone can do what the others do. They don't look to see what the new phone does that the others don't do or what it does better.
    How can you say it has nothing compelling to make you change if you are only looking to see if it can match the competition.
    Thanks for looking further into the phone.
    Maybe you can do a review that tell people what the BB10 phones can do that the others cannot or what it can do better.
    Susan Antony
  • Blackberry

    blackberry lover = loser
    Black Barack