BBM clocks 10M downloads on Android, iOS

BBM clocks 10M downloads on Android, iOS

Summary: BlackBerry boasts that its messaging app has been downloaded over 10 million times on Android and iOS devices in the first 24 hours of its launch.


BlackBerry Messeger (BBM) has clocked over 10 million downloads on Android and Apple iOS devices in the first 24 hours of its launch. 

In a statement Wednesday, the Canadian handset maker said its mobile messaging app took pole position in Apple's App Store in more than 75 countries including Indonesia, the U.S. and Canada. It added that the app achieved 60,000 five-star reviews in user ratings on App Store and Google Play. 

Calling it "an incredible launch", Andrew Bocking, executive vice president for BBM at BlackBerry, said in the statement: "The mobile messaging market is full of opportunity for BBM. We intend to be the leading private social network for everyone who needs the immediate communication and collaboration of instant messaging combined with the privacy, control, and reliability delivered through BBM."

Last month, the company was forced to suspend the app's rollout following several glitches, which BlackBerry said was due to an unreleased version of the BBM for Android that was posted online. 

A popular messaging service for BlackBerry users, plans for the free app to support other platforms were announced in May, as the struggling company looked to extend the reach of one of the platform's bright spots.  

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  • I wonder . . .

    How many have been activated?
    How many know that they need a BB account to use the app?
    • Accounts needed

      I'm pretty sure every other App that is a service requires an account also so your point is?

      I'll trust Blackberry more with my data than any of these pop up Apps that you know are selling your data and usage to anyone that will pay to keep them in business and hope of being bought out.

      BBM is solid and works great on iOS, yet to test it on Android. I'd like to be able to have my account signed in to all of my mobile devices at once but realize this is part of the underlying security of the BBM model.
  • Good to see a great product appreciated by all platform users

    I can only hope its as solid and with all the features as on BBOS.
  • It's a mobile chat showdown. It might be late for BBM, maybe two years late

    WeChat 100 million users, WhatsUp 350 million users, just a little more than Twitter's daily users. Its gonna be a showdown. How does BBM make money again? It's free on the App store. Meaning, they will have to charge for it somehow, right? They'll have to make some money later, maybe with In-App purchases on iTunes. Then we'll see if they survive. I just don't see their business model for now.