Behind the scenes at particle physics labs

Behind the scenes at particle physics labs

Summary: Photographers have captured the backroom life and sights at Cern and other accelerator facilities around the world as part of a global competition

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  • The winners in the Global Particle Physics Photowalk, which saw more than 200 photographers go behind the scenes at physics labs in Europe, North America and Asia, were announced on Thursday.

    Hans-Peter Hildebrandt's image (above) of a wire chamber at Desy, the German electron synchrotron in Hamburg, topped an online vote by 1,300 photo fans to take the people's choice prize. It also came second in a global jury vote and first in a local jury competition.

    "I am an amateur nature photographer and the subject — technology — was a great challenge," said Hildebrandt, a lead technician at a German manufacturer, in a Photowalk statement. "You don't get to see things like accelerators in tunnels very often."

    After their visits on 7 August, the photographers sent in thousands of images to local competitions at the five particle physics facilities: Cern on the Swiss/French border, Triumf in Canada, Fermilab in the US, Kek in Japan and Desy. The top three winners in the local contests went through to the global jury and people's choice judging. Winners receive recognition, but no cash prize.

    Photo credit: Hans-Peter Hildebrandt/Desy

  • Mikey Enriquez's photo of the 8pi nuclear physics experiment at Triumf in Vancouver was the overall winner in the global jury contest, even though it only came third in local judging.

    Triumf, formerly known as TRI-University Meson Facility, is home to the largest superconducting cyclotron in the world. The 8Pi spectrometer at Triumf measures rare isotope decay in an experiment to study nuclear structure, one of the longest-running at the lab.

    Photo credit: Mikey Enriquez/Triumf

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