Behind the scenes at particle physics labs

Behind the scenes at particle physics labs

Summary: Photographers have captured the backroom life and sights at Cern and other accelerator facilities around the world as part of a global competition

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  • Mikey Enriquez's photo of the 8pi nuclear physics experiment at Triumf in Vancouver was the overall winner in the global jury contest, even though it only came third in local judging.

    Triumf, formerly known as TRI-University Meson Facility, is home to the largest superconducting cyclotron in the world. The 8Pi spectrometer at Triumf measures rare isotope decay in an experiment to study nuclear structure, one of the longest-running at the lab.

    Photo credit: Mikey Enriquez/Triumf

  • This 'kissing lips' photo of a couple of quadrupole magnets in the Desy lab in Hamburg gave third place in the overall competition to Heiko Roemisch.

    Desy houses several particle accelerators that underpin its 40 years of research in high-energy physics. It also has a high-intensity facility for synchrotron radiation and is the testbed for the upcoming European XFEL free-electron laser.

    Photo credit: Heiko Roemisch/DESY

  • Keisuke Mori took this photograph of the Belle Detector at Kek, which gave her second place in the Japanese physics lab's local competition. The high-energy physics research facility, based in Tsukuba, is where the international Belle experiment to investigate CP-violation effects is being carried out.

    Photo credit: Keisuke Mori/Kek

Topic: After Hours

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