Behind the scenes at particle physics labs

Behind the scenes at particle physics labs

Summary: Photographers have captured the backroom life and sights at Cern and other accelerator facilities around the world as part of a global competition

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  • Keisuke Mori took this photograph of the Belle Detector at Kek, which gave her second place in the Japanese physics lab's local competition. The high-energy physics research facility, based in Tsukuba, is where the international Belle experiment to investigate CP-violation effects is being carried out.

    Photo credit: Keisuke Mori/Kek

  • Paperclips dance upright on top of the world's largest cyclotron at Triumf, activated by a fringe magnetic field. High-school student Ali Lambert's photo won first place in the Canadian lab's local contest.

    Photo credit: Ali Lambert/Triumf

  • Researchers at Kek work through the weekend in this photo by Yuki Hayashi, which came first in the local contest.

    Photo credit: Yuki Hayashi/Kek

Topic: After Hours

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