BerryMover helps BlackBerry owners transition to the Android platform

BerryMover helps BlackBerry owners transition to the Android platform

Summary: We are seeing more and more people adopt Android and iOS and departing the BlackBerry ecosystem so this handy utility from PocketMac seems to fill a niche for retaining your data.

BerryMover helps BlackBerry owners transition to the Android platform

Last year David mentioned that BerryMover was available to help people get their BlackBerry data onto their new iPhone. This week the folks at PocketMac announced BerryMover for Android (Play Store link) to help Android users do the same thing. Contacts and appointments can be imported with this utility while other data can be viewed.

The BerryMover application works on your Android device after you take your selected BlackBerry backup file and upload it to your device. It then take data from the backup file to present it to you on your Android device. Tim Goggin, co-owner of PocketMac said, "With so many BlackBerry users moving to Android, there is a crying need to get the data stuck on old BlackBerrys to users’ new Androids. All you need is a recent BlackBerry backup and BerryMover and you’re all set to import all your data."

Each copy of BerryMover comes with a tutorial to show you exactly how to get the BlackBerry data imported to your device. You can also import data from more than one BlackBerry backup file in case you have older files you need data from as well. It is available now for $9.99 on the Play Store.

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  • better get them while you can

    You IOS & bugdroid fanboys better get all you can to leave BB while you still can, I've had the developer BB10 for a while & when this thing hits, noway will anyone be leaving BB
    • BB OS is going down...

      it is time for those users to use a real mobile OS like iOS or Android.
  • Matt - Thx!!

    Cross OS apps like this are a great tool and far too often left in the dark - no real recognition.

    Keep them coming as you find them.
  • Secure BB replacement

    I used the secure organizer B-Folders to import my data (actually contacts, tasks and memos) from BB Curve backup file. Everything is encrypted on a couple of desktops, tablet and phone. Syncs across devices flawlessly