Best Android smartphones (June 2013 edition)

Best Android smartphones (June 2013 edition)

Summary: Time to take a tour of a handful of the best Android smartphones currently available on the market (June 2013). Here are some killer handsets from Google, HTC, Motorola, and Samsung.


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    Looking to replace your aging Android companion with something newer and with a little more "oomph"? Here are five excellent Android-powered smartphones from Google, Motorola, and Samsung.

    No matter whether you are looking for a consumer handset or something that will be suited to a BYOD role, you're bound to find something of interest here.

    The handsets are arranged in no particular order. My current favorite continues to be the Nexus 4. It's a powerful package that delivers what I believe to be the best, purest Android experience possible.

  • (Image: Google)

    Google Nexus 4

    The Nexus 4 is the smartphone that Google thinks Android should be loaded on.

    One of the downsides to the Nexus 4 is that it doesn't come with LTE support, despite having a supporting integrated modem. According to LG, the manufacturer of the Nexus 4, the LTE modem requires a signal amplifier and filter to work, and these components have been omitted to keep the cost of the handset down.

    Despite this, the Nexus 4 is a solid, well-made Android handset.

    • Jelly Bean (Android 4.2)

    • 1.5GHz quad-core Krait processor

    • 4.7-inch WXGA IPS display

    • 8MP rear camera

    • 1.3MP front camera

    • 8/16GB internal storage.



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  • Another good Samsung

    For those of us with small hands, the Galaxy 4 and many others are too large. The Samsung Galaxy Victory is a more comfortable size, yet has a decent sized screen, Jelly Bean, and much more.
    • You must have REALLY small hands!

      My wife who has got small hands just upgraded from the iPhone to the S4 and she has got no problems with the size.
      • well

        I don't use a purse to carry the phone around ..
        • S4

          In my shirt pocket right now. Go back to
        • You are merely a noob

          Please don't tell me your hands are smaller than chicks lol!, S4 is too easy to fit and even galaxy Mega fits in why are you complaining plainly with your jealousy?
          Go and educate yourself here:
  • No stated logical or technical criteria for choices.

    Adrian Kingsley Hughes bring out an article with title about "the Best Android smartphones" and proceeds to state which ones are his 'favourites' before even stating the criteria for which he judges a smartphone to be amoung the best.

    ZDNet bloggers are going from generally fair reporting to now mediocre stories that bear no resemblence to logical, common sense and technically accurate reporting.

    What gives at ZDNet, first the the brainless Microsoft propaganda that in most cases is based on false and fact-less information - for Windows, Surface Tablets, denigration of Industry Standard reports from established Market Research firms. and now Adrian's favourites masked as comparison.

    Give me a break.
  • Samsung plastic

    It baffles me why people complain about the back of the Samsung case being plastic. I have a Galaxy SII and it has the plastic back. It has never popped off accidentally, it comes off easily if I need to change battery (try that with your iPhone!), there are no scratches on it unlike some of the metal rim of the phone, when it is properly attached it doesn't feel flimsy or cheap, and I don't have to worry about it shattering like the glass back of an iPhone 4. So what is the downside of the plastic back? This has been living in my pocket with keys, change, USB sticks, etc. for most of 2 years.
    • Samsung plastic

      I totally agree with "boomchuck1" ... I just upgraded my cell from Motorola Razr Maxx (which I loved but my husband anxiously inherited so he would have a 4G) to the Samsung Galaxy S4. I absolutely LOVE the phone and have no problem with the plastic. It doesn't feel cheap to me at all. Since I use the Otterbox Defender series covers, my phone is always well protected, anyway.
  • Asus Padfone Infinity

    How did this phone not make this list?
    Also would like to include the Padfone 7 on he lift as being the best 7" phone available.
  • HTC One looks amazing

    but am happy with my Samsung Galaxy S4
  • I am fed up of ANDROID!!

    I was a user of Samsung Galaxy Note, and after one year of usage..i am done with Android... now i am googling over to find a new phone... :/
  • Really!

    I don't see a better phone out there other than an Android. Hey try Galaxy S4 and you will be glad. Good luck with your search though.
  • Any comparable with dual SIM?

    Thanks for the nice overview and of course the entire market can not be covered. I am actually looking for a dual SIM smartphone on the level of these here in the review - is there anything on the market?
  • S4 disappointing

    have had the Samsung S4 for 2 weeks. it does have lots of features. very disappointed with S voice. voice dialing doesnt work with plantronics Bluetooth. phone description says it doesnt have voice dialing but Verizon said oh yes it does. So against better judgement I trusted big red and sure enough the S4 doesn't have voice dialing. also the favorites layout I was accustomed to with my Moto Bionic . Sakdung really needs to fix voice dialing. but not holding my breath. my advice if you travel and depend on voice calling get a different phone.
    • Re: S4 and Voice Dialing with Plantronics

      OMG...Lbederdick, I only signed on with ZDNet to share this with you. Samsung S4 ROCKS on Voice dialing with Plantronics. Use either the Google Widget with the mike in the box and it will voice dial or text or email your entire address book.

      Concerning Plantronics, go buy Voyager Legend....Not only the best Bluetooth I've ever owned, it allows voice answering and the PLANTRONICS, not Samsung will tell you who is calling so you can answer or not, without ever touching the phone or the Bluetooth...

      This is the combination on the Planet...Sorry, not an opinion, it just is...
      Chuck Stone
  • Samsung Galaxy 2

    We feel Samsung has the best phones on the market today. We have used Motorola, Nokia, & a few more that do not go the distance. We say the Note 2 & Note 4 are best out there now. By next year it will be the best cell phone on the market. We have talked to a lot Apple users that have new phones & wish they had made a better choice. Their ipads might be ok but their phones are not even close to the Android. In due time people will see which phone is the best.
  • Drop tests, really?!?!

    I don't understand basing your phone purchase on drop tests (like you featured on the HTC One page). I use various features on my phone dozens of times each day. I *drop* my phone about once per year. If you're going to base your phone decision upon drop tests, then a rock beats *both* the HTC and the iPhone, so get a rock.
  • Wow

    This was the good collection. I love to use samsung s4
  • Sponsors will fail to make money

    That's what will happen when I reject an article and don't see it and / or the accompanying ads.

    You KNOW that 'Slide Shows' are unacceptable to Tech's. I refuse to read them.

    You should be very thankful that I take the time to bring this (again) to your attention..

    You know what the correct format of an article (pictorial or otherwise) is.

    Please start respecting your clients (and your advertisers).
    Leo Regulus
  • buy HTC get discount here
    Dex Agustina