Best Android tablets (August 2014 edition)

Best Android tablets (August 2014 edition)

Summary: Given the broad choice, and combine that with rock-bottom prices, there's never been a better time to pick up a new Android tablet. Here are the best Android tablets for August 2014.


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  • Introduction

    There's never been a better time to pick up a new Android tablet. Not only are prices at their best, but also there's never been a better selection of hardware from big-name OEMs on offer.

    CNET Reviews: Best tablets of 2014

    Here's my top Android tablets picks for August 2014.

    All of the tablets features here are very capable, powerful workhorses, and are ideal not only for home users, but also for enterprise users or those looking for a BYOD tablet. Any one of these will give you an excellent Android experience and, when combined with the right apps, will allow you to get a lot of work done when you're away from your desk.

    And for you gamers out there, there's a new entry from Nvidia – the Shield.




  • (Image: Nvidia)

    Nvidia Shield

    The Nvidia Shield features an 8-inch full HD display, front-facing speakers with rich sound, DirectStylus 2 technology to augment touch, and brings with it the first GPU-accelerated 3D painting experience, and an optional cover that both protects the screen and can be used as a kick-stand to prop up the device.

    It also features optional LTE connectivity.

    There are also plenty of games to play. In addition to all the Android games available from Google Play, there are now more than 400 Shield-optimized games available through the Shield Hub, and another 11 specially optimized games for Tegra K1, with more on the way.

    • KitKat (Android 4.4)
    • Nvidia Tegra K1 192 core Kepler GPU, 2.2 GHz ARM Cortex A15 CPU with 2GB RAM
    • 8-inch 1920 x 1200 multi-touch Full HD display
    • 16GB/32GB internal storage
    • microSD card support
    • 5 MP front and rear camera
    • DirectStylus 2 input
    • 3-axis gyro
    • 3-axis accelerometer
    • 3-axis compass
    • Optional LTE





Topics: Mobility, Android, Tablets

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  • maybe this should be called

    All Android tables worth purchasing August 2014 Edition, it seems a bit long for a Best of list although I think there a couple of changes id make besides.
  • The Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 is the best Android Tablet period

    Numero Uno until Samsung releases a 10.5 Galaxy Note version.
  • You only missed one of the best Adrian, The Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2

    There are a lot of areas where I can see the very real advantages of having a little larger tablet. Reading music for the musician, working with graphics or CAD for the animator or engineer. For the artist or photographer.

    I'm sing up to get one of these.

    Anyway this was a pretty good article.

    Thanks Adrian
    Robert Christopulos
  • Sony Xperia Z2

    Out of all of those, disregarding added features, the Z2 seems the best device. Its super nice looking, the thinnest and lightest (the bezel could use some shrinking).

    When you are looking for certain features like an active digitizer (like the Samsung Note) than your choices become more focused. The Z2 best features are water proofing and thinnest/weight.

    With that said, I am solidly in Windows tablet camp. They are simply the most powerful, flexible, productive, and versatile tablet devices on the market today.
    Rann Xeroxx
  • Now, the 3rd time in the same issue....

    Where, oh where, oh where is....
    Senior editorial and managerial staff: Where is the link for 'View as one page' or similar option for this 'Slide Show' article?
    I have bee asking you this for years and years and years Ad-nauseam. PLEASE !!!!
    Leo Regulus