Best Buy joins Android tablet PC crowd with Insignia Flex

Best Buy joins Android tablet PC crowd with Insignia Flex

Summary: The electronics retailer posted details about the new slate on its Insignia Facebook page, though pricing wasn't revealed.

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Best Buy has used its Insignia house brand to hop onto hot electronics trends from HDTVs to LED light bulbs, so it should come as no surprise to learn that there will soon be an Insignia tablet in store(s).

On the brand's Facebook page, the company announced the Insignia Flex Android tablet, which Best Buy promises will be available in a month. According to the post, the Flex will be based around a 9.7-inch screen, include a 1GHz dual-core processor, and run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Battery life is also claimed to be 10 hours between charges.

Unfortunately, little else is known about the tablet, as Best Buy hasn't issued a press release or any other statement about the Insignia Flex. Given the intense competition -- from the iPad to Microsoft Surface to the Kindle Fire to Android slates from Google and Samsung -- the Flex is going to need an aggressive price point to stand out. Unfortunately, we don't know what that price will be yet.

How cheap would the Insignia Flex have to be for you to consider purchasing it? Let us know in the Talkback section below. 

Topic: Tablets

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  • Insignia Flex

    Maybe it is not so much price as what this tablet will make it stand out from the others
    Robert Ong
    • A better question

      is why this comes with ICS rather than Jelly Bean. That would certainly help it to standout.
  • Insignia

    idk, just seems like another slate running Android. Will it run every app?
    Fat Albert 1
  • $79 is where it would sell. Cant compete with amazon or google at $199

    And there's nothing about it that would make anyone want it if it's not far below the nexus or kindle. Best buy so realized this already. Now if this had been a W8 tablet they could get $199 easy.
    Johnny Vegas
  • Why is Best Buy doing this?

    Given the tablet war in progress amongst Amazon, Google and Barnes & Noble? These companies make the lions share of their profits from on-line content sales, services and ads. And their tablets are essentially privately-owned shopping carts allowing their customers to shop wherever they have access to wifi.

    Best Buy has a long way to go with on-line content, services and an app store (as Best Buy is not a member of the Open Handset Alliance). Even Amazon and B & N, with their head start, are well behind the apps currently offered in Google Play.
    Rabid Howler Monkey
  • 9.7"

    It's the 9.7" screen that's got me curious. Most tablets with that size screen are 4:3 aspect ratio devices (with Sony's tablet being the one exception I'm familiar with). I wonder if this device will be a 4:3 or the more common 16:10?

    In any case, I don't see myself buying another large tablet, since my ASUS TF300 has me covered there, and its replacement might well be a Win 8 hybrid, depending on how those devices play out.

    The more time I spend with my devices, the more I'm beginning to feel that for me, 7" is the perfect size for a device that's primarily a tablet, and 10+ inches is best for a device that can also be docked an used as a traditional laptop. Indeed, I don't see myself ever buying a non-hybrid tablet larger than 7".