Best Buy launches trade-in program for Microsoft Surface

Best Buy launches trade-in program for Microsoft Surface

Summary: Best Buy is offering users $200 and $350 Best Buy gift cards for trading in their first-generation Surface RT and Pro devices, just ahead of Microsoft's launch of Surface 2.


Best Buy has launched a Microsoft Surface trade-in program that offers users a minimum $200 Best Buy gift card for trading in their first-generation Surface RT or Surface Pro.


According to the Best Buy "Surface Trade-In" page (which I found via a link on The Verge), users will receive a gift card up to $350 in value for their Surfaces, depending on the shape they are in.

To find out how much they can get, users can visit a participating Best Buy Store or use the links on the site to calculate their trade-in value. "If your item has no Trade-In value, we can recycle it for free," according to the site.

Here's what the Best Buy quote calculator (which is for all kinds of devices, not just Surfaces) says it will offer for first-generation Surface RTs and Pros:

Surface RT (32 GB): Good condition: $150; Fair: $105; Poor: $67.50; Not Working: $0
Surface RT (64 GB): Good condition: $175; Fair: $122: Poor: $78.75: Not Working: $0
Surface Pro (64 GB): Good condition: $315; Fair: $220.50; Poor: $141.75; Not Working: $0
Surface Pro (128 GB): Good condition: $350; Fair: $245; Poor: $157.50: Not Working: $0

The Surface trade-in kicked off on October 6 and runs through October 21, which is the day before the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 go on sale at retail.

The Best Buy trade-in frequently asked questions site says those interested in participating must be 18. Original accessories (like charging cables) should be included. I'm not clear whether Type/Touch covers are figured into the value, but given Microsoft and retailers sell those separately, I'd think not.

Hmm. I am kind of tempted to trade in my Surface RT and use the card toward a Surface 2...

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Mary Jo has covered the tech industry for 30 years for a variety of publications and Web sites, and is a frequent guest on radio, TV and podcasts, speaking about all things Microsoft-related. She is the author of Microsoft 2.0: How Microsoft plans to stay relevant in the post-Gates era (John Wiley & Sons, 2008).

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  • I know you love your 1RT, M.J....

    ...but I'm sure most would happily give the things away by this point, so the RT offer is decent.

    The Pro offer, however, is an absolute rip off considering that's practically a nearly 1000.00 full fledged laptop that only came out a year ago.
    • Not for everyone

      Finding enough buyers on ebay for all the 1st generation Surface devices may be tricky. BB is giving technophiles easy access to a nice discount.
    • You're "sure"?

      To what do you attribute your certainty? Personal experience? Opinion polling? Or, more likely, your own personal and under-informed bias?

      I seriously doubt anyone would "happily give the things away," even for those experiencing any buyer's remorse. Even if it didn't live up to "full Windows" expectations, it still is a quality bit of hardware with a good degree of functionality. Even without "100 gajillion apps" (or whatever the ridiculously irrelevant number is being bandied about today), it still maintains significant utility even if used as nothing more than a highly portable Office station.

      I further suspect the number of truly disappointed purchasers are no where near a majority. Those that have bought in _without the intent of confirming their bias_ have largely reported overall satisfaction.

      Your statement of certitude is a asinine example of saying something just to have something to say. Well - congratulations on that, I guess.
  • These...

    ...these offers are insulting. Surface RT (32GB) is worth waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than $150. It's an excellent 10" tablet to use and own. These are pawn store prices.....simply insulting.
    • Nope, it is just practical

      This explains why toddbottom3 hasn't posted recently here -- he already traded in his Surface RT for Best Buy store credit and now tries to figure out how to operate his new Samsung Note 8.
      • What's happened to toddbottom3?

        I miss him :-)
        • I expect he'll show up under a new name soon enough

          Or his agency will hire someone new to replace him
    • Agree - Insulting

      My god, they pay more for a used iPhone than for the Surface tablets - $350 for a Surface Pro - that is almost beyond insulting; it's degrading...
      • You can't deny

        There's more market demand for an iPhone than for a Surface (RT or Pro). I'm not an Apple person, but the numbers don't lie.
      • Its the Market

        iPhones are worth it a Surface is not. No one is forcing you to accept this offer but it is likely a number of people will jump on this offer while the Surface has at least this value.
    • They make you an offer - you can accept or reject it

      That's how things work. When someone is bargaining with you, never get insulted, just walk away
    • No one is being forced to sell their Surface

      and being forced to accept those "insulting prices". If it's excellent to use, then it would make no sense to sell it, would it? Just asking.
  • Surface refurbs in the works at Best Buy? Or, perhaps, at Microsoft?

    Refurbished Surface RT priced at $??? U.S.

    Refurbished Surface Pro priced at $??? U.S.

    Install Windows 8.1 and, for the right price, some very nice devices at budget prices.
    Rabid Howler Monkey
    • Refurbished Surface tablets are available at the Microsoft Store

      $299 U.S. for 32 GB and $379 U.S. for 64 GB Surface. With black touch cover, add $80 U.S.

      Apparently, no refurbished Surface Pros in stock (no surprise).
      Rabid Howler Monkey
  • Mary Jo, I'll pay more than that

    for your Surface RT device since I know that you have keep it in better than "Good" condition.
  • Best Buy launches trade-in program for Microsoft Surface

    Best Buy can expect to receive quite a few returns and then sell out of the Microsoft Surface 2 with this deal going on.
  • Re: Best Buy can expect to receive quite a few returns????

    Did you really say that?

    OK, so people, lots of people will return their Surface 1 and buy a Surface 2 and that will cause Best Buy to sell out of Surface 2s. Then in a few months Best Buy will buy back your unwanted Surface 2 and sell you a Surface 3, etc.

    LD, you have just found a way for Microsoft and Best Buy to make money on the Surface with a revolving-door depreciation scheme. The profits come from the trade-in buy back loss....

    Good job LD.
  • Gotta love best buy.

    While most places will give you cash, Best buy always offers a gift card.. So your stuck buying something at there store. I prefer office depot.. Never have problems with there products.
    Anthony E
    • Re: So your stuck buying something at there store.

      Like an iPad or Android tablet.

      Which you intended to buy in the first place, but were convinced by the paid staff there the Surface is great.
      • Probally i know of some people that asked me about the surface..

        It is a full fledge Windows tablet that will run there software but i usually tell them that a laptop will be more better suited.. cause when they catch malware on there surface it will be more of a pain to remove than on there laptop.. I'm still waiting till on of my clients bring me a surface /w like the ice ransomware.. Will be a good learning experience for me.
        Anthony E