Best Buy now selling $749.99 HP Split x2 Windows 8 hybrid tablet, laptop

Best Buy now selling $749.99 HP Split x2 Windows 8 hybrid tablet, laptop

Summary: The new convertible notebook features a 13.3-inch detachable touchscreen and two batteries, but does not use an Intel Haswell processor.


Without much fanfare, HP has launched a new convertible Windows 8 laptop that's available exclusively at Best Buy (at least for now). The Split x2 features a detachable screen that lets you use it as a tablet when you're not making use of it as a traditional notebook.

The model available now (the Split 13-m010dx x2) is built around a 13.3-inch touchscreen with 1,366x768 resolution. It includes 4GB of RAM and 128GB of solid-state storage. You also get a pair of 3-cell batteries -- one in the base and another in the display/tablet. While the full device is 0.9 inches thick (and 4.9 pounds), the screen itself is 0.4 inches thick and 2.3 pounds when detached.

Curiously, the Split x2 comes with a third-generation Intel Core i3 processor (i3-3229Y), not one of the new Haswell CPUs. When HP announced the new Split family a couple of months ago, a Core i5 option was mentioned, though it's currently not available.

The Split x2 is priced at $749.99, more than similar HP convertible devices like the Envy x2 and the forthcoming SlateBook x2. Those, however, use smaller screens and less powerful processors -- and, in the case of the SlateBook, Android instead of Windows 8. 

[Via Engadget]

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  • Pixelated Dispay

    They missed this one big time, 1366x768 display. My Kindle Fire HD 8.9 has a 1920X1200 display. This display is even larger making each pixel even larger. I call it un-retina display though the term pixelated is probably better.

    I think a 13" display is deal. Basically I want something close to a standard paper size of 8.5"X11" or slightly larger. If it had a decent display I would be in my car now going to purchase one.
  • Another overpriced, ho-hum laptop from HP

    Do they even try anymore?
    Sir Name
  • Price

    They want $750 for basically an underpowered i3 and low screen resolution laptop? Seriously??

    Divide this price in half and then maybe the pc world will start to actually sell pc's again.
  • Another Tablet Dud

    We want lighter, cheaper, more space actually on the detached tablet, and something that doesnt heat up like an oven (e.g., Microsoft Surface Pro) if its left on for more than 1/2 hour. If its not too much to ask, how about a readable font in say Kindle and volume that humans can actually hear (yes, another remark about the awful Microsoft Surface Pro!). The volume on this one (which I tried in the store) was passable but not great. The glossy screen is hard to read. Keep trying guys...someone might get it right someday.
  • Released at $750, Right-priced at $550 with an i3 processor. Will wait ...

    for it.
  • Updated model

    The 13.3" Split has been released to the online HP Store and can be customized with better specs. An i5 processor option is available as is a RAM upgrade and more drive space. The only reason I am waiting is I want the Windows 8.1 OS factory installed.
    Catherine Wong