Best Buy offering $100 trade-in credit for Microsoft Windows XP laptops

Best Buy offering $100 trade-in credit for Microsoft Windows XP laptops

Summary: The promotion is part of the push to retire the aging OS and will run through April 19.


With many still reluctant to part ways with their aging Windows XP systems, Microsoft has tried various methods to cajole users to upgrade to Windows 8. It will no longer support the ancient operating system starting today, and it's long been planning with various partners to expedite the phase-out process.

The company has taken matters into its own hands more recently by allowing users to earn a $100 credit toward a Windows 8 PC or Surface 2 tablet with a Windows XP system trade-in via its own retail locations. Now one of those aforementioned partners is joining the act, as Best Buy has embarked on a similar trade-in program of its own.

Whereas Microsoft will apparently take back any PC running XP as part of its promotion, Best Buy is only offering a minimum $100 credit for a working Windows XP laptop. Its discount is also doled out in a slightly different fashion than Microsoft's, providing a $25 gift card upfront with the remainder being applied to a new computer. Oddly enough, that $75 credit can apply to a Mac or Chromebook, not just a Windows 8 machine.

Best Buy says the Windows XP notebook exchange promotion will run through April 19, which is a far shorter window (pun intended) than Microsoft's offer. That program runs through June 15. It will be interesting to see if other retailers follow with their own trade-in offers now that XP is officially dead to Microsoft. 

Do you have a Windows XP laptop you would trade in? Would you prefer to trade it in through Best Buy or Microsoft? Let us know in the Talkback section below.

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  • trading in two

    Just finished formatting and reloading a Toshiba 1405-S151 and a Compaq nx6110 with their factory copies of XP for the trade-in on a couple of low-end laptops.
  • Why is it odd? Best Buy wants to sell kit.

    "Oddly enough, that $75 credit can apply to a Mac or Chromebook, not just a Windows 8 machine."
    Rabid Howler Monkey
  • ?

    Is there a limit? I have about 65 old laptops laying around I can get to power on with xp on them and wouldnt mind trading them all in for a few new laptops. Does it work for new laptops running windows 7 too or just junky windows 8 meaning more work for me to upgrade them to windows 7 when I get home?
    • limit of three per day/ per person.

      There is a limit of three laptops per person per day. Make sure they ring them up individually or you will only get one certificate. I turned in three, bought three chromebooks one for $249 and two for $199 each (minus the $300 trade in($649-300=$349))and already sold two of them as brand new items on ebay for $175 each. Basically picked up an almost free Samsung Chromebook for myself. I have three more XP laptops that I plan on doing the same thing. Next time I will make about $150 off the deal. If you know more people than just trade them in and get the $25 Best Buy gift card. You don't have to use the $75 trade in certificate. Only one certificate can be used per purchase of a new laptop.
  • Old XP Laptops

    I may hit up Goodwill and The Salvation Army to find an old XP laptop if I can score it for like $10 and then trade-in on a new Chromebook.