Best Buy slashes price of MacBook Air laptops by $200, today only

Best Buy slashes price of MacBook Air laptops by $200, today only

Summary: You can get your hands on the cheapest Apple notebook for just $799.99, though at what cost to the retailer?

TOPICS: Apple, Laptops

Significant price cuts on Apple products are rare, and on Mac computers sales are even rarer. So it comes as quite a surprise that Best Buy is currently discounting MacBook Air laptops by $200, a whopping amount considering that Apple itself only offers 10 percent off its systems over Black Friday.

The deal started yesterday and continues through today only as part of the retailer's Winter Doorbuster Days promotion. That means you can purchase the base MacBook Air -- with 11.6-inch display, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB solid state drive -- for just $799.99.  

As of this writing, only one configuration -- the most expensive Air with 13.3-inch screen, 4GB of RAM, and 256GB SSD -- is unavailable to order online, though that is liable to change at any time. Other options include the 11.6-inch version with 128GB SSD for $899.99 and the 13.3-inch model with 128GB SSD for $999.99.

While it's great news for those looking to purchase a MacBook on the cheap, will this provide a shot in the arm for the often-troubled Best Buy? With supposedly fairly slim profit margins at their regular price points, heavily discounted MacBook Airs will impact the bottom line, though the retailing giant is presumably hoping to offset the deal with purchases of Apple accessories and through extra store foot traffic. But Pando Daily points out that Best Buy lost money recently matching Walmart's aggressive price cut on the iPhone 5, and this time it's only competing against itself in the price cutting.

Is the $200 off enough to entice you to buy a MacBook Air from Best Buy today? Do you think such a deal is a good business decision for Best Buy? Let us know your thoughts in the Talkback section below.

Topics: Apple, Laptops

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  • Had one

    Had one, never again, the MacBook Air is too slow to do anything with.
    • You dont have to be iPerson to have Mac

      if you are a crossplatform mobile developer you need one to publish in ios. todays a good deal
      • Umm

        I was speaking specifically about the Macbook Air. Had nothing to do with Macs in general.

        I had a 2011 MacBook Air ($1199 model) and the thing could not power a 1080P display without stuttering. The MacBook Pros had no such issues and Mountain Lion caused anything 2011 to stutter on some tasks.
        • My 2011 17" MBP seems just fine with 10.8.2

          But YMMV, I do know that the GPUs in the Retina-enabled 2012 MBPs stutter badly when taxed...

          Granted, the 2012 Retina models do a decent job at cooling, thanks to having holes drilled into the case at the factory - something that a good engineer might have implemented YEARS ago...

          Maybe the 2013 series will be better, in terms of performance... but until they replace the 85W power brick with something appropriate, the MBPs will still throttle at higher speeds and the brick will get scalding hot to the touch under use... (and remember when Macworld benchmarked the 2011 models, 15 and 17", with the 17" being faster despite having the identical CPU and GPU... that was possible solely because of the 17"'s larger battery being able to provide more power... it's sad, these "well-designed" computers throttling down due to obvious oversights...
        • My MBA could power a 1080p display!

          Then again, it's from 2012, so maybe it has more to do with Intel HD getting a decent amount better.
          Michael Alan Goff
          • Maybe so

            Mine was the generation that all these tech sites claimed were faster than the 1st Gen i7 MBPs... I sincerely hope that wasn't the case because, my i5 was not good pushing the resolution.

            In hindsight, I would have chosen a MacBook Pro if I had to do it again as the Solid State Drive in those things weren't really super fast and the locked down RAM was lame.
  • That IS a good deal!

    If I were in the market for one, I'd jump on this. My son, who really wants one of these, isn't going to hear about this sale.

    I hope the Surface Pro gets a $200 markdown.
    • It is, if you like OS X

      For what it does, it's a nice unit... word processing, typing in code, etc... I wouldn't rely on it for graphic design or, far worse, video editing or any number crunching in general...
  • "I hope the Surface Pro gets a $200 markdown."

    Me too. Because let's face it. This is the surface pros ccompetition.
    • "The Surface Pro is competition"?

      Not directly.

      The MacBook Air is a competitor for Ultrabooks and other thin form factors that don't require heavy CPU usage... then again, I wouldn't dare do intensive processing on a $2500 MacBook Pro because of the very poorly designed cooling subsystem. My $1000 Windows laptop, with faster hardware, doesn't get anywhere near as hot under load... I could replace the excess glops of thermal grease with applying a proper amount of good quality thermal grease and then drill some holes, but if Apple couldn't do it right the first time, why continue to give them money? (That's right, they hope their customers are thick, and it's great fun arguing on Mac forums how much the bulk of the user base doesn't understand...)
  • white flag time at apple

    After the new share price
    Master Wayne
    • White flag??????

      Nah, this is more of a "Blue light special" (remember those?)
      since it is only one retailer. The main thing you can deduce
      from this move by Best Buy is they are having problems getting
      customers in the store, and are resorting to almost desperate
      actions to gain traffic and possible impulse sales. Using a well
      known brand to drive customer traffic is nothing new, it is just unusual for that brand to be "Apple".
      • this means clearning out inventory

        200 off is a big chunk - i don't believe bestbuy is making any money on those devices.

        i know they don't make any money on iphones
        Master Wayne
    • Apple isn't lowering the price

      BestBuy is.
      Michael Alan Goff
  • apple is supply constrained

    They don't have enough supply to stuff the retail channels. This is Best Buy trying to clear its excess mac inventory.

    This is hugely embarrassing for anyone who bought into tim cook's "we are sold out, we would have sold 600 million macs but we were supply constrained" excuse for why mac sales dropped TWENTY PERCENT while apple's stock TANKED.
    • You don't know what you're talking about

      This isn't Apple doing anything, this is Best Buy doing something. Then, there's the fact that the Macbook Air has been our for about half a year. They didn't claim to have run out of those.
      Michael Alan Goff
      • I know, that's what I wrote

        "This isn't Apple doing anything, this is Best Buy doing something."

        Which is why I wrote:
        "This is Best Buy trying to clear its excess mac inventory."

        "They didn't claim to have run out of those."

        Got it. So when they said "we were supply constrained on macs" they meant "we were supply constrained on a couple macs which is why we were over a million short from last year".

        tim cook's excuse simply doesn't pass the sniff test. It is official, macs can now be found in the bargain bin right next to the Kin.
        • Exactly

          They ran out of the most recent macs (iMacs). Earlier this year, Macbook Pro (with Retina) had fallen behind in orders. I think MBA were like that at one point, too.

          But right now?

          MBA isn't on the list of "sold out".

          As for trying to "get rid of Apple's extra inventory"? Any proof, or simple Apple-bashing?
          Michael Alan Goff
        • Apparently this is your "career"

          What a plank you are.
    • Keep Dreaming Toddy!

      Sales of $55 billion for the quarter, profits of $13 billion for the quarter, revenue up 17% for the quarter.

      You're just mad because you were to dumb to buy their stock back in the late nineties, when idiots like yourself were predicting doom for Apple.

      What a complete loser! LOL!!