Best of Show, Black Hat USA 2013 Vendors and Sponsors

Best of Show, Black Hat USA 2013 Vendors and Sponsors

Summary: Black Hat USA 2013 vendor area included companies such as Veracode, Booz Allen Hamilton and Microsoft, with creative schwag such as Botnets for Breakfast (cereal) and 'hacker' playing cards.


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  • Cisco at Black Hat USA 2013

    Cisco's spooky booth was the most eye-catching of all.

  • Veracode at Black Hat USA 2013

    The fabulous, funny, smart and friendly Veracode staff posing for an action shot!

  • Splunk at Black Hat USA 2013

    Splunk's fun t-shirts, with slogans such as "I like big data and I cannot lie."

Topics: Security, Big Data, Cisco, Data Management, Dell, Government US, IBM

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  • not a public event ..

    some stuff looks interesting, but horribly expensive.
  • Wanted to check these photos...

    ... but I couldn't handle the constant full browser refreshes. Come on ZDNet, use a real slideshow like the rest of the modern web. You're a technology blog, and can't find a web programmer who can create a real slide show for you? There are a bunch of free ones online. I shouldn't have to weigh how badly I want to see your photos versus the drawback of all the wasted time waiting for full page refreshes. More and more, I just choose to not view the slideshows.

    Sorry to hijack your comments, Violet.
    • Not reading it either

      The problem is they don't want to. With a full refresh they get to serve us more ads and it looks good in the hit count stats.

      I've stopped reading any "slideshow" article unless it's critical to my job function and I suspect I'm not alone. Hopefully Zdnet, @VioletBlue, and other sites doing this realize they're losing visitors and stop this soon.
  • Image 17

    Talented artist.